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Protractor Architecture


    • NodeJS : NodeJs is the basic platform on which all the node modules are built, so NodeModules contributes the code in Protractor.
    • Protractor : Protractor is implemented over webdriverJS and webdriverJS is built on webdriver.


  • Jasmine : Jasmine is a unit testing tool for creating test cases.
  • Testscripts : Test scripts will have all the test case which are created using the Protractor and Jasmine
  • Selenium standalone server : this will convert all the commands from the protractor as API commands and sends it to the browser.
  • JSON wire Protocol : it is the bridge between the browser and the protractor
  • Browser : Browser could be any like chrome, firefox, Edge
  • Application : Application will be any web app, could be angular or non-angular application

Pre-Requsites for Protractor

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