Protractor Project Structure

The Simple answer is You cannot generalize.

We will see the protractor project folder structure without any project specific customization. I have given project structures in steps, so you can choose from it when it fulfills your requirement.

Basic Protractor project

  • Protractor API : This is actual protractor package which contains all the required functionalities
  • PO : All the required page objects will be stored in PO files, it is a directory inside which you can store page objects of different pages.
  • Lib : Repeated steps will be created into functions and those are stored under Lib folder
  • Specs : All the test cases are stored in different files and then put into Spec files.

Page Objects Model in Protractor

Project with file utils

  • ExcelUtils : Create files which will read and write data from Excel files under ExcelUtils.
  • JSONUtils : Create files which will read and write data from JSOn files under JSONUtils.
  • Data : Data folder will have all the files to be read and write
  • These not only can be used for data but also for page objects

Install Jenkins for Protractor

Project with Constants

  • ErrorsMessages: we will store all the errors messages occur in our application under ErrorMessages folder.
  • StringsConstants : Instead of creating the string values again and again we can store them in files and put them under StringConstants.
  • Colorcodes : All the rgb, rgba, HEX color will be stored under ColorCodes folder.
  • Not only above things you can store all kinds of constants here

Install Docker for Protractor

Project with Report and Logging

  • logging: Files which has the logics to generate the log for the frame will be put under logging
  • output : All the output files like reports, logs, and screenshots will be stored under the output folder.
  • report : Some people may have their own reporting mechanism, in such cases, they might need to create one more folder called report.

Writing excel sheet

Project with intermediate layer

  • intermediatelayer: this layer will have only one file, which will override all the functionalities provided by the protractor. This enables us to have encapsulation.

Implicitly Wait

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