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ngWebdriver vs Protractor


  • A small library of WebDriver locators and more for AngularJS (v1.x) and Angular (v2.x +), for Java. Protractor works well with all version of angular and browsers, it is javascript based
  • Protractor is the original work, ngWebdriver is a copy of protractor where they added java as a language instead of JS
  • binding and model locators are not supported in ngWebdriver but well supported in protractor
  • Protractor works seamlessly but ngWebdriver has issues, so you may see flaky failures in ngWebdriver
  • Who starts the project then they should go for Protractor but if your project is been there for a while with selenium java then you probably think about ngWebdriver
  • Code Developer should provide waits for angular application in ngWebdriver but protractor takes care of wait on its own
  • ngWebdriver may not be completely a replacement for Protractor but partially serves the purpose to automate with Angular locators.

Protractor Architecture

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