Protractor Questions asked in Companies

  1. What is Webdriver Interface ? (explaination with protractor)
  2. How do you perform rest API tesing with Protractor ?
  3. Explain Framework and components used in framework Using Protractor ?
  4. How to fetch data from the excel sheet ?
  5. How to get all values in the drop down ?
  6. How to handle exception in protractor ?
  7. Difference between error and exception ?
  8. How many types of locators are there in protractor ?
  9. How many types of locators are there only for protractor ?<
  10. Explain process of handling stale element exception
  11. Do you use JSON or Properties file ?
  12. Why console.log prints first ?
  13. How to take screenshot in selenium ?
  14. How do you halt the protractor for 20 seconds ?
  15. Have you used any version control tool ?
  16. Why source code tool is used when we have git ?
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