Robot Framework vs. Protractor

  • Robot Framework allows Keyword Driven Testing and even behavior-driven one. Protractor is a library, not a framework, with the inclusion of jasmine, we can create Behavior-driven development with the protractor.
  • Robot Framework was initially written in Python, but the latest version has Java bindings as well. Protractor could be used only with javascript (end of the day all coffee script and Typescript will b converted to JS only)
  • Protractor is specially designed for javascript applications(angular, react, vue). Robot Framework is a generic, application, and technology-independent framework.
  • The robot can be used for REST and SOAP service tests, database tests. Protractor alone cannot perform API testing, but with the help of Node packages, we can achieve it.
  • Protractor has inbuilt capabilities to run our code in parallel; Robot depends on the Pabot.
  • You cannot write a complex application in the robot framework; writing if..else is not possible; only you can use if block.
  • Writing a nested loop in Robot class is not possible, but protractor can do it; still it is difficult to break the loops in protractor.
  • Finding an experienced person in Robot framework is difficult, not that much difficult with the protractor
  • Robot Framework can test things other than just websites, like FTP, MongoDB, Android, Appium and more but Protractor can be used for testing web applications

Waits in Protractor

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