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webdriver-manager update

npm install webdriver-manager -g

If you are following protractor or practicing, then you might have noticed that you do not install or point the driver servers and jar files in our conf file.

If you are from a Selenium background, then you might have used this parameter by setting the system property

System.setProperty("", "PATH to exe file")

We will be using the npm install webdriver-manager to fetch all the required files for the execution. But if you notice the "

The webdriver-manager folder, but as of now, you can only see webdriver-manager files, not a selenium folder. npm install webdriver-manager will not fetch the files, It just enables us to fetch those. webdriver-manager-bin-folder

webdriver-manager update

The Update command will fetch all the required files for the protractor execution. complete-files-webdriver-manager-update


I know the obvious question in your mind. Why are you showing the global installation when you have not used -g at all.?

webdriver-manager update

The above command will install globally because you are accessing the webdriver-manager and it is global, not local.

webdriver-manager update locally

Local installation of these drivers is not possible, so you got to depend on the global installation.

webdriver-manager Commands

  • clean : removes all downloaded driver files from the out_dir
  • start : start up the selenium server
  • shutdown : shut down the selenium server
  • status : list the currently available drivers
  • update : install or update selected binaries
  • version : get the current version

You can get the all these commands by setting help command webdriver-manager help

webdriver-manager update the specific driver

  • --ignore_ssl : Ignore SSL certificates
  • --proxy : Proxy to use for the install or update command
  • --alternate_cdn : Alternate CDN to binaries
  • --standalone : Install or update selenium standalone
  • --chrome : Install or update chromedriver
  • --gecko : Install or update geckodriver
  • --ie : Install or update 64-bit ie driver
  • --ie32 : Install or update 32-bit ie driver
  • --edge : Use installed Microsoft Edge driver

The above commands will be followed by the webdriver-manager command.

webdriver-manager <command> [options]
webdriver-manager update --gecko --proxy="proxyurl"

webdriver-manager update error unhandled 'error' event

webdriver-manager update error unhandled 'error' event will pop into your installation when you are behind proxy or firewall.

cannot find module webdriver-manager

This error occurs when protractor was not able to install webdriver-manager; if you get below error, install the webdriver-manager explicitly.

npm install webdriver-manager

Starting the Selenium Server

By default, the selenium server will run on http://localhost:4444/wd/hub. This command was used in very earlier versions, but now using this command has no use.

webdriver-manager start

Screenshot in Protractor

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    unable to create new service: chrome driver service error is displayed while running protractor tests. could you please provide some solution?