Protractor Challenges

I have listed a few protractor challenges from my experience, these are I faced when I was working with protractor.

  • Installation is a big headache when you are behind a proxy/firewall, As per my knowledge, almost all the organization use a proxy/firewall. That too installation of webdriver-manager update gives intermittent issues
  • Running in Jenkins when you are using Typescript as a programming language is difficult
  • No Select class present in Protractor to handle dropdowns
  • The explicit waits present in protractor are less than compared to selenium
  • No proper error messages are displayed when an error occurs
  • If you face nested loop in protractor then you can consider that you are going scold the protractor like hell. Breaking the nested loop is difficult
  • There are good IDEs for protractor but there is no ideal one.
  • There is no way to switch back to parent Frame.
  • Protractor Errors cannot be handled using try..catch blocks

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