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Top IDEs for Protractor

There is no specialty for the protractor so that any IDE would work. Everything that you got to do in protractor is to write code using the NodeJS platform in terms of javascript or superscripts of javascript like Coffe Script or Typescript.

Personally, I prefer to write on Typescript, that is the reason you find a protractor example written in typescript all over the blog.

You can write protractor test cases in notepad, but it would be challenging to manage the framework when the scripts counts and framework size increases.

We go for a IDE to make the process easier like predicting about methods and warning about error.

What is an IDE ?

An IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, is a programming tool that integrates several specialized tools into a cohesive environment. These specialized tools may include

  • a text editor
  • a code auto-complete/Predictive function
  • a build procedure that includes a compiler, linker, and whatnot
  • a debugger
  • a file or project manager
  • a performance profiler
  • a deployment features
  • Willing to accept addons
Below list is in order of my preference
  • VSCode
  • Webstrom
  • Eclipse



I have started working on protractor from January of 2017, where the project was using Webstrom as IDE and Typescript as a Programming language.

Setting up is very easy, and the compilation occurs automatically; it is fun to work on a webstorm. Webstorm supports the Git very well.

It is feast to work on merge problems in Webstrom

VS Code


After working for more than one year, I have moved to another team inside the same project, but here they were using the VSCode instead of Webstrorm.

The First question I have asked in the team is Whom Should I contact for license ??, My teammate replied it is free, It seems like you are confused between Visual Studio(Paid) and Visual Studio Code(Free) aka VScode.

The one problem I (everyone) have faced is a compilation. There is a simple command to run for compilation (tsc -w), but Every time you open the tool, you need to run the compilation command. Other than this, there is no drawback in VScode.

I have changed the company in between, but still, I am using VScode only.

I would suggest go for this tool if you are looking for free tool.

Sometimes, It says it has pulled everything from a remote repo, but In actual, it won't, so just make sure on that part. (not all the time but few times)



You can setup and use Eclipse for writing protractor tests. You need to install the protractor plugin in eclipse to view the Protractor API while writing the Test Cases. Although it is an open-source, however, it won't allow you to debug your tests.

You can simply use Eclipse with few plugins installed that supports autosuggestions for all protractor API’s.

Setting the Protractor with eclipse is very difficult.

Visual Studio


Visual Studio supports a lot of features including addons and handy short cuts; This tool has been present in the software industry for a very long time so that you can expect a very good feature.

One of the major features is we can create an Angular/Protractor project as a solution that keeps track of all the files and resources. Very easy to use for beginners and experts friendly.

I have not had enough money to pay for it, so it is your choice

I have no interest in writing about other tools, so choose either among the above tools.

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