Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Processing Automation known as RPA is an emerging technology, that automates a process in computer using Software Robots.

Robot is a term that refers to a software or application that replicates the action of user and communicate with the system user interface.

Process is said to be steps or sequence to do certain things.

Automation is doing certain things automatically, without manual intervention.

RPA is a process of creating software robots, that could do certain process automatically, without human intervention.

Major RPA tools available in market:

Blue Prism
Automation Anywhere


uipath log UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation tool which is Windows based automations tools as it is developed using .net framework.

UiPath is used to automate repetitive and redundant tasks and eliminates intervention of human efforts

UiPath is the top tool to learn RPA and it does not require any knowledge of programming languages to use it to implement RPA, as it is pick and place (drag and drop) type of tool

UiPath comes with a Community Edition, which is free for lifetime and has most of the functionality of the Studio version but it will not include robots.

You can even create your own custom activity and embed that in UiPath workflow using Dotnet programming.

UiPATH is built using .NET framework. Hence, we can use functions of C# in it.

UiPath Activities :

Activities are nothing but modules and actions.

UiPATH has 300+ inbuilt activities, We can also import packages like Excel, Mail, PDF in addition to the built-in packages. These activities are available in activities pane.

Difference between UiPath and BluePrism

1. Cost - Typically a UiPath implementation is generally cheaper as the cost per bot license is much less compared with BluePrism

2. Developer Experience - UiPath typically requires some background in .Net development. Where a developer for BluePrism just needs to conceptually understand the basics of logic structures and .Net development is a bonus for creating custom code stages.

3. BluePrism has better control room functionality. 4. UiPath’s architecture is much more modern. BluePrism is catching up quickly if not already caught up. Both now fully support deployments in the cloud and offer reference architectures supporting the design.

5. BluePrism does have the capability to expose developed processes and objects as Web Services. UiPath cannot currently do this.

6. You cannot get BluePrism, not even trial version as they BluePrism is oly available to partner companies. So you cannot learn BluePrism unless your company is partner with BluePrism company.

7. Training cost of BluePrism is high compared with UiPath, Uipath itself provides the tutorials for learning.

8. Plus! You don't need to have programming knowledge to learn RPA, it is all activity based!

9. UiPath has free community edition while Blue Prism doesn’t have their community edition for students and small scale company

10. UiPath studio is extremely easy to use and you would be able to figure out most of the options quickly while in Blue Prism you need certain training regarding processes and objects before you kick start your project

11. UiPath has a strong active community forum to answer your specific tech questions relating to software but blue prism doesn’t have their own forum at this point of time.

12. Both tools have good expression editors, but they do demand scripting knowledge in order to achieve higher utilization

13. During design, UiPath visual structure and design enforce a consistent view that can improve readability without relying on best practices to enforce a consistent look as Blue Prism demands

14. If you have applications hosted in citrix then UiPath is a better tool to use because UiPath incorporate AI on their computer vision where the elements are identified much precisely then Blue Prism

15. Blue Prism version 6 has advanced its spying capabilities but UiPath approach seems to be more intuitive on a given problematic applications or platforms.

16. The website with flash components are not recognized by these two tools

17. Image recognition and OCR in UiPath is much better then Blue Prism. However blue prism 6 has started to bring in computer vision technology to strengthen surface automation programs.

18. Speed of implementation and development in UiPath is 2X then compared to Blue Prism due to lack of recording capabilities in Blue Prism.

19. Blue Prism per bot license is expensive compared to UiPath per bot license.

20 Blue prism can handle up to many robots per server vs UiPath can scale up to 10,000 robots per server. Blue Prism doesn’t mention any number.

21. The UiPath uses web based orchestrator to manage the bots while in Blue Prism the studio and the control are bundled within the same client software.

22. UiPath provides advance scheduling on their orchestrator that can use Cron expression for custom scheduling while Blue Prism lacks this feature

23. If there is a situation where you need multiple versions to co-exist then UiPath orchestrator can handle such situations unlike blue prism controller.

24. UiPath is getting AI integrated in their next version while Blue Prism is using IBM Watson for cognitive analytics which is separate paid package

25. BluePrism and UiPath can be used to interchangeably, if you master one tool, you can easily switch to the other tool as well.

UiPath vs Selenium

Selenium is used only for Web-based testing i.e. testing of web application whereas RPA can be used for both Web as well as desktop based application.

Writing test cases in selenium is comparatively time consuming but in RPA, you can design the workflow within minutes.

Using Selenium requires core programming knowledge whereas in some RPA tools like UiPath, you don’t need to have programming knowledge.

Selenium does not provide built in report functionality but RPA does.

RPA is not cost effective but has a user friendly environment, Selenium is cost effective

You don't need to have programming knowledge to learn UiPath, it is all drag and drop based.

UiPath or other RPA tools may replace selenium in future (As selenium is freeware, so it is difficult to replace selenium but but possible)

Installation of UiPath

1. Goto : 2. Fill your details and click on Request trial button

3. After couple of minutes you will receive a email with download link.

4. Now open the installation file

5. Click on the advanced button and enable all the features.

6. Clicking next button will land you on activation wizard.

7. Choose which either you want to install Community version or Enterprise edition (I will be using Enterprise Edition as I want to have robot)

8. You can see the Opening page of the UiPath

9. The main reason why we need UiPath is to automate application like desktop, pdf, website so on. For handling different process we need to install packages.

10. The pre-installed modules are available under the App Integration and if you want to install more packages, click on the packages icon(arrow pointed).


11. Clicking the packages icon, you will be navigated to Available Packages to install and already installed packages.'


12. If you install any package the installed module will be placed under App Integration or System.

13. Please note that if you are in an organization, you may see blank screen on the available packages to install as your organization may not allow them.

14. We have to use proxy incase if you are not able to see any packages.

15. If you donot want to use proxy, you can use this work around. Navigate to and signup


16. On the nuget url you can see all the modules and download to the modules to a folder in your local system.

17. Now on UiPath, click the packages icon and right click on the All > Configure Sources and point the directory to the local folder where you have downloaded all the packages.

18. Click on the + icon and add the set the source as the nugets folder.


19. Sometimes while installing the UiPath may throw an error about dependency if the installing module has any dependency on another module, so we have to install that dependency first.

20. UiPath support IE 11 by default without any installation but if we want to use the Chrome or Firefox, we have to configure them

21. Navigate to Set Up tab on UiPath and click the Setup Extension, and choose the browser you want to integrate.


22. Above step may open, browser Extension page and you need to click add to browser(chrome/firefox), like normal extensions.


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