Installation of Automation Anywhere

In recent days, RPA has become a Hype in the testing industry; the Hype occurred because the RPA enabled people with minimal computer knowledge to automate the tasks using RPA tools.

Three primary tools are present in the market now:

  • Uipath
  • Automation anywhere
  • Blue prism

As long as I remember, UiPath provides more options for creating automation tasks. With recent days automation anywhere and blue prism also provided trial versions, but earlier days, only UiPath used to give the trial portions.

When we compare the costs of these tools, uipath is least costly, and BluePrism is most expensive, and automation anywhere sits in the middle.

I have worded with uipath. Lately, I started working with automation anywhere, but I did not have any experience with Blue prism; So, based on my experience, I felt UiPath provides more options to the user compared with automation anywhere.

UiPath projects look like a sequence of charts, but automation anywhere files will look like a table.

I hope in upcoming releases automation anywhere also improves their application, but as of now, it provides a few commands to work with.

We will see how to install automation anywhere, step by step. Also will be creating our first bot using automation anywhere

install automation anywhere

In this article, we are going to learn how to install automation anywhere and also will create the first bot using automation anywhere.

For downloading automation anywhere, you have to go to; you can get it using Google search. I would instead go for downloading the software from

On the home page of automation anywhere, you can find a Get Started button on the right top corner, click the Get Started button to go into the download page.

Once you land on the download page, you will have three options to download. You can download

  • Community version
  • Enterprise version is A2019
  • Enterprise version 11

For this article's purpose, I will be using enterprise version 11. Feel the details and accept the terms and conditions.

Click on the Start Free Trial button at the bottom, now you will be navigated to the successful subscription page.

Once you subscribe, it will take 2 to 20 minutes to receive the email from automation anywhere, which contains the credential for the automation anywhere

Open the email Welcome to 13 a trial of automation anywhere Enterprise. In this mail, you can find three important details.

  • Enterprise control room
  • Username
  • Password

Click on the download link present in step 1, automation anywhere installer zip file will start to download in a moment. The complete download may take 5 to 10 minutes based on your internet speed.

On the download folder, you can find FreeTrialDownload1133 zip file, here then number at the end mentions the version that you have downloaded.

Right-click and extract files; you can use any other software as well for extracting the ZIP file.


Open the folder that got extracted and check if there is any other folder present inside the extracted folder. If any other folder is present, then open that folder where you can see two files.


Open the AAE_client_yyy. Now it will start the installation, and in between, if it's asking for permission, please do provide the permission.

  • Accept the agreement and click next.
  • By default, I left the destination folder as it is, but if you want to change it to the location where you wish, you can change it.
  • We will see plugin installation Wizard, where you can select with which browsers you want to install the plugins. These plugins will help you to open the browser and perform the browser level automation.
  • Now click on the install button; this is where it may take a few minutes to get completed.
  • If you click finish, then automation anywhere will start; if you do not want to start the automation anywhere as of now, then you can check the checkbox and then click finish.
  • You will be greeted with a let's get started wizard and select Automate button
  • You will see the below page if everything is successful and which is nothing but the homepage of automation anywhere.


Create the first Bot with Automation Anywhere

The new button to create a new bot. You will see Choose an option popup, select the workbench button to create a new bot.


And the left-hand side you list of commands present under the commands tab. This commands for creating a bot with necessary actions.

Under the commands, you will have two options one is Categories, and another one is View All.


Currently, we are under View All option, so here you can see all the commands present automation anywhere, but if you move into Categories or you select the categories option, then all the options will be categorized.

Now let's go back to View all option and drag the Message Box activity/command center screen to create simple automation anywhere bot.

After dragging automation anywhere will open the popup to fill the required details to show the Message Box.


We have to provide the header or title to the Message Box; also, we have to provide a message that the message box is intended to show to the user.

I have entered the caption as This is header and the message as Installation successful. Click the Save button on the popup also save the bot using the save button present in the top left automation anywhere application.

In automation anywhere, you cannot Run bot without saving the bot. Also, we will or not get the Run button enabled if you do not save the current changes. This is one of the improvements that automation anywhere team should take care of.

As long as I worked whenever there is a file that is edited and if you tried to run the particular file, then most of the tools will pop you with a message that Do you want to save the file and run. But when it comes to automation anywhere, they have not considered this option. I hope it will come in the future releases; once you save the bot, then you can press the run button.


Now you will see a message box/popup showcased to you on the UI.


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