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Protractor testing ReactJS

Imagine your favorite celebrity posting a photograph on Facebook. Now you go and like the image, and then you suddenly see that lets check out the comments too.

Now while you are browsing over comments, you see that likes count increased by count 100 since you liked the picture. Yes, and there was no reload of the page, just somehow magically the count changed. This magic my friend is reactjs.

ReactJS is a component-based library (not a framework!!), which is used to develop interactive UI’s. Currently, it is the most popular front-end JavaScript library.

If you look at the angular app, then you can find that angularJS is also developed using the Javascript libraries.

So it is not only the ReactJS, any framework/library which has the base as Javacript can be automated using the protractor.

You do not have to change any single thing in protractor for ReactJS

Integrate Protractor with VSCode IDE

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