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Installation of JMeter

It is Mandatory to have Java in your system to work with JMeter.

To install Jmeter, go to Google Chrome and then search for JMeter Download in the browser and select the first one, as shown below.

  • Once you click on the Download Apache JMeter link, the Apache JMeter Page will open, as shown below.
    download-apache-jmeter-page-in bwoser
  • If you scroll down the page, you will see two sections as Binaries and Source.
  • We have to download JMeter from Binaries, If you are working on Linux or MAC, then you need to download from .tgz extension.
  • If you are working on windows, then you need to download from .zip extension.
  • I am working on the windows system, so I am going to download the .zip extension file.
  • And once you click on the sha512pgp link, it will start the download, Save this file in your system as shown below.
  • Once it is downloaded successfully, extract the zip file.
  • Before opening the extracted files from the JMeter, just go to the command prompt in your system and then search for Java by using the command like Java -version and then press enter.
  • If Java has already installed in your order, then you will see the below message.
  • Next, go to the JMeter extracted files and then go to the Bin folder and then search for the JMeter.bat file and click on it to launch the JMeter.
  • After clicking on the bat file, it will launch the JMeter UI window, as shown below.
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