Interleave Controller in JMeter

  • Interleave Controller will select only one sampler/requests stored in it, to run in each loop of the thread. It will execute the samplers sequentially. interleave-controller-jmeter
  • You can give a descriptive name for the controller (optional).
  • If the checkbox is selected, the interleave controller will consider sub-controllers as single request elements and permit only one request per controller at a time (optional).
  • Let’s consider an example of Interleave Controller, where Thread Group contains Number of Threads to 1 Loop Count to 5, and a total of 4 Samplers (Http requests).
  • Total 1 * 5 * 4 = 20 requests will be sent to the webserver under test without using any Logic Controller.
  • Total 5 requests will be sent to a web server under test by using Interleave Controller in sequential order i.e. 1 request per loop.
The Following Example Demonstrates the Interleave Controller.
  • The Interleave controller executes anyone's requests from it, and it works from top to bottom order.
  • We have a Test Plan which is having a Thread Group and then Random Controller.
  • Where the Random controller is having AdminLogin and UserLogin requests. when we execute the test plan it will execute the requests randomly.
  • So, now add Interleave Controller into the Thread Group and add Registration and Flight Booking Request under the Interleave controller.
  • Go to the Thread Group and then add loop count to 2 and then save and execute the Test Plan.
  • After the execution, the result will be as shown below.
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