Firebug Operations

How to use FireBug and Firepath ?

Lets inspect "Google Search" button on google page.

1.Open FireBug and click on the inspector(rectangle with cursor) and click on the "Google Search" button on
firebug inspector :

2.When you click on that button you will be able to see source code and also firebug highlight the source code for that particular element
firebug inspector :

3.Now Goto firepath option firepath at bottom :

4.Firepath will highlight both source code and the respective element on the webpage
firepath at bottom :

5.Firepath will shows you the xpath value by default and here the xpath values is :".//*[@id='tsf']/div[2]/div[3]/center/input[1]"

6.If we want to see css value, we should change the option to css.
firepath at bottom :

7.Sizzle is something like css only, no need to worry about it

Verify the Xpath and Css values

Firepath not only helps us to find the xpath value but also verify it.

In some cases fire path might not give you a unique element at that times we need to write our own xpath and css(we have seperately)

For example purpose let me write the a xpath and verify it.

To verify we need to write the xpath and place same xpath on the xpath edit bar on firepath and press "Enter Key"

Xpath Given by firepath: .//*[@id='tsf']/div[2]/div[3]/center/input[1]
My own Xpath: //input[@name='btnK']

By FirePath
xpath by firepath :

By Author
own xpath :

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