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Install Eclipse for Selenium

Eclipse is an IDE for Java; we are going to use the same IDE for selenium also.


2. Click download on the Windows 32 bit Under Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

3.Once it completes download right Click on the .zip file and extract file, it might take 5-10 minutes of time

4.After extraction Double click on the Eclipse Icon or right>Open

5. It will ask for the workspace location by default it creates a workspace in Documents

6. Click OK.and it takes some time to open but before installing eclipse ensure that you have installed latest JDK

7. After Opening, you might see below screen Click on Close(cross)

8.Click on file ->New->Java Project(if java project is not there means please select project and then select java from the list)

9.Enter project name with Camel Convention(first letter Capital and second-word first letter Capital)

10.Click Finish

11. You may see Screen like below Now Right-click on the project New->Package

11.1. Package Name should follow pascal Convention first letter of the first word should be a small letter and the first letter of the second word should be Capital letter
12. Right-click on the Package->Click New Class

12.1. Class name should follow the Camel Convention

13. After clicking Finish, you may screen like this.

What is Constructor Overloading in Selenium and Java

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