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Install Eclipse

Eclipse is a IDE for Java, we are going to use the same IDE for selenium also.


2.Click download on the Windows 32 bit Under Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

download eclipse :

3.Once it completes download right Click on the .zip file and extract it might take 5-10 minutes of time

extract eclipse  :

4.After extraction Double click on the Eclipse Icon or right>Open

open eclipse  :

5.It will ask for the workspace location by default it creates workspace in Documents
workspace pop up  :

6.Click OK.and it takes sometime to open but before installing eclipse ensure that you have installed latest JDK

7.After Opening you might see below screen Click on Close(cross)

workbench :

8.Click on file ->New->Java Project(if java project is not there means please select project and then select java from the list)

java project :

9.Enter project name with Camel Convention(first letter Capital and second word first letter Capital)

first project :

10.Click Finish

package :

11.You may see Screen like below Now Right click on the project New->Package

first package :

11.1.Package Name should follow pascal Convention first letter of first word should be small letter and first letter of second word should be Capital letter
12.Right click on the Package->Click New Class

first class :

12.1.Class name should follow Camel Convention

class name :

13.After clicking finish you may screen like this.

work space :

What is Constructor Overloading in Selenium and Java

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