Selenium Framework Questions

Give an example where you have used listeners in selenium ?

How to rerun a failed test in your framework ?

How do you achieve 100% automation in your framework ?

How did you handle logging in your framework ?

How do you handle action class in your framework ?

Did your framework support custom locators ? ?

Where do you keep the file in your frameworks and why ?

location relative to the project, never an absolute path

Did you automate the test cased related with tabs and keys as which is important when user doenot have mouse ?

Best way to reduce the code duplication in your framework ?

Do you read Locator values from the properties file ?

How do you set up a machine only to run in firefox in selenium grid?

How do you capture a screenshot when url changes ?

How do you handle web table in your framework ?

Do you use inheritance in your framework ?

How do you open firefox without any browser history ?

By default, firefox opens with no browser history

How do you make sure whether css file is loaded in the page or not ?

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