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Puppeteer vs Selenium

Puppeteer is a chromium browser's node module. We can automate the web applications using the selenium webdriver with java or with the language of your choice. People might say that use Puppeteer when you are the developer of the application.puppeteer-vs-selenium

Below are a few differences between puppeteer and selenium

  • Selenium is an external web application testing tool but puppeteer is a node module of the Chromium engine.
  • Chromium is actually a browser, so puppeteer is faster compared with selenium
  • Selenium can automate the different browsers like chrome, firefox, IE, Edge, opera, and many more. A puppeteer can automate the chromium engine only, as of today Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers are using the Chromium engine.
  • We can use different languages along with selenium like java, python, C#, and others. You can use only javascript and related technologies like Typescript and other supersets languages of Javascript
  • The puppeteer can test APIs using request/responses but with selenium it is difficult, but with the help of development language it is possible in selenium as well.
  • The puppeteer can be used to check how many CSS/JS files are used for loading a page which is not possible in selenium.
  • We can test the application without loading the images in Puppeteer but not possible in selenium.
  • We can use all the dev tools of chrome in puppeteer but selenium does not support it.
  • We can execute the test in different devices using the emulators in the puppeteer but emulating a device in selenium is difficult
  • We can check the amount of time taken to load the page with puppeteer but selenium does not have a feature for it.
  • You can save the screenshots in image and pdf format in puppeteer and selenium provide a feature to save a screenshot in image format only
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