Puppeteer Interview Questions

How do you get all the links from a webpage?

How protractor and Puppeteer are related ?

Is it mandatory to have nodeJS for Puppeteer ?

How to check a checkbox in puppeteer ?

How do you et an attribute of an element in Puppeteer?

What is waitFor() in Puppeteer ?

Which selector is used in Puppeteer ?

How do you find more than on elements which match the locator ?

What is page in Puppeteer ?

What is browser context destroyed in puppeteer ?

Default timeout in Puppteer ?

Which framework you are using with puppeteer ?

Can I use Jasmine with Puppeteer ?

How do you get css value of a element ?

Why it is difficult to use Xpath with Puppeteer ?

What is the command to install Puppeteer ?

How do you connect already existing chrome browser with Puppeteer ?

What is chromium browser ?

Is it possible to test Firefox with Puppeteer ?

Does MS Edge support Puppeteer ?

What is Command to run the Puppeteer code ?

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