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Puppeteer vs Protractor


Puppeteer is a chromium browser's node modules. We can automate web applications using the protractor. People might say that use Puppeteer when you are the developer of the application.


Below are a few differences between puppeteer and Protractor

  • Protractor is an external web application testing tool but puppeteer is node module of the Chromium engine.
  • Chromium is actually a browser, so puppeteer is faster compared with Protractor
  • Protractor can automate the different browsers like chrome, firefox, IE, edge, opera and many more. A puppeteer can automate the chromium engine only, as of today Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser are using the Chromium engine.
  • Puppeteer and Protractor both use the same javascript language for creating tests
  • The puppeteer can test APIs using request/responses but with Protractor it is difficult, but with the help of development language it is possible in Protractor as well.
  • The puppeteer can be used to check how much of CSS/JS files are used for loading a page which is not possible in Protractor.
  • We can test the application without loading the images in Puppeteer but not possible in Protractor.
  • We can use all the dev tools of chrome in puppeteer but Protractor does not support it.
  • We can execute the test in different devices using the emulators in the puppeteer but emulating a device in Protractor is difficult
  • We can check the amount of time taken to load the page with puppeteer but Protractor does not have feature for it.
  • You can save the screenshots in image and pdf format in puppeteer and Protractor provide a feature to save a screenshot in image format only
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