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Puppeteer vs Cypress


These are a few differences between the Puppeteer and cypress

Puppeteer is Open source but Cypress is Paid( bit of open source)

  • Cypress is a Javascript End to End testing framework, Puppeteer is not a framework but the chromium version of node modules.
  • Puppeteer is great for quick testing and web scraping. But when it comes to testing an entire application it’s better to stand on the shoulders of the giants.
  • Cypress contains its own assertions but we might need to depend on Jest or Jasmine or Mocha when we are using the puppeteer.
  • Cypress has its own IDE, Puppeteer does not have one and most of the industry uses VSCode or Webstrom with the puppeteer.
  • Cypress supports multiple browsers but Puppeteer supports only chromium engine based downloads.
  • Cypress has its own dashboard but puppeteer does not have any.
  • Puppeteer is much faster than Cypress
  • Cypress automatically waits for commands and assertions before moving on. No more async hell. Puppeteer has promises and async headache (handled using sync and await).
  • Cypress is more user-friendly compared with the puppeteer.
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