Office Forms in Power Automate

In this article, we are going to learn about how to create office forms, how to connect flow to forms and a SharePoint list.

Microsoft's solution to create surveys or quizzes is Microsoft Office Forms. It's very easy to use, extremely handy, and you can make it available anonymously.

People will fill surveys and we will get the results in form of Excel sheets. The UI gives some statistics and an overview of the survey results. It's very flexible to design forms and surveys.

Creating a Data Entry Form for SharePoint List

  • Go to your SharePoint site. Click on create a new list. Give a name to your list and click on Create.
  • After creating the list we need to add columns or more fields. So, click on add columns to add column name Country and Age. We have three columns now Title, Country, and Age.
  • Now, that we have created a custom list in SharePoint we will create Microsoft Office Forms that matches the list fields.
  • Go to Microsoft Office Forms.
  • Click on New Form.
  • Name the form. Click on Add new to add text fields. Add text fields for Name, Country, and Age.
  • Click on the right-hand side top corner settings menu and change it to Anyone can respond. Here, we are allowing anyone with the link to access the form.
  • Now, we have to create a flow that saves the form responses to the SharePoint list.
  • Go to Power Automate. Click on Create and Instant cloud flow. Click on Skip.
  • Select When a new response is submitted (Microsoft Forms) from Triggers.
  • Select the form. Click on the New step.
  • Select Get response details (Microsoft Forms) from Actions.
  • Select the form. And Response Id from dynamic actions. Click on the New step.
  • Select Create item from actions. Add the SharePoint site address and list name. Title, Country, and Age from dynamic content.
    Make sure that you select Age from expressions to convert a string into a number. Click on Save.
  • Now, go back to your form. Enter the details. Click on Submit.
  • Go to your SharePoint list. You can see the response has been recorded in the list.
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