Do Until Loop Control Action in Power Automate

In this article, we will learn about Do Until Loop Control Action and how to use it in our flow. Do Until Loop keeps repeating the same actions until the condition there.

If you know some other programming languages then do until control action is similar to do while loop.

For example, if you want to send an email regarding Drink Water as a reminder you can set a condition of sending 5 email reminders. Once, the counter is equal to 5 the loop will be terminated.

Creating the Do Until control action flow in power automate

  • Create a manually triggered flow. Initialize variable Counter of type Integer. The Counter value we are setting as 0 initially. Click on the New step.
  • Select Do Until (Control) from actions.
  • Add an actions to Send an email notification (V3) and then Increment variable.
  • Here, the logic is that until the Counter gets equal to 5, it will keep sending email reminders. The Counter variable will be incremented by 1 after every time the email has been sent.
  • Save, Test, and Run Flow. Here, we have 5 email reminders.
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