Approval Requests In Power Automate

In this article, we will learn about approval requests and how to create an approval request in power automate.

Approval Requests control action power automate is an in-built action that is used in approval scenarios. Approval scenarios are nothing but situations where you request the owner to allow the modifications to reflect. The scenarios can be approval of documents, emails, work orders, vacation requests, changes in some files and overtime work, etc.

For example, there is a flow in which when someone makes any changes to a SharePoint file it will send an approval request through email to the owner of the file. Here, the flow allows the owner to check wheater to approve the changes or reject them.

  • Here, we are going to create a flow that will send an approval request for Vacation Leave Approval to another user.
  • Go to Microsoft Power Automate. Click on App Launcher in the left-hand side top corner.
  • Select Admin from Apps.
  • Click on the left panel to expand Users and select Active users.
  • Click Add a user to create a new user.
  • Fill in the Set up the basics page with Name, Username, and Password. Click on Next.
  • Assign a product license or you can create without it. I would recommend you to assign it with a license. Click on Next.
  • Optional Setting if you want to update the profile of the user.

  • Review all the details and click on Finish adding.
  • Go back to Power Automate. Create a manually triggered flow. With two text inputs, one as Subject and Description. Click on the New step.
  • Select Create an approval from actions.
  • Here, we have options for approvals. We select Approve/Reject- Everyone must approve.
  • Add Title as Subject and Details as Description from dynamic content. Add recipient's email address. We are adding the new user's email address. Click on the New step.
  • Select Wait for an approval from actions.
  • Add Approval ID from dynamic content. Click on the Next step.
  • Add Compose (Data Operation) from actions. Add Outcome from dynamic content. This will show the outcome of our approval whether it's rejected or approved. Click on Save.
  • Test the flow. Add Subject and Description and Run flow.
  • Now, Sign Out of this account and Sign In to the new account. We created an account previously with the name "Tracy Cruise" under the same license.
  • Now, go to the Approvals from the left panel.
  • Click on the approval request. Select Approve, you can also add comments. Click on Confirm.
  • Go back and sign in to our main account. Check our flow. Here, the outcome is Approve.
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