Dashboard services in CypressIO

In Cypress, dashboard services are provided when we run the program from the terminal/CI. In the dashboard service, the video, screenshots, and the report of the executed tests can be accessed or viewed in a single window. Let us understand how to set up the cypress dashboard services.

  • Open the cypress test runner and select the Runs option. The below UI will appear and click Log In to Dashboard.


  • Choose the mode to sign in to the dashboard according to your ease.


  • After successfully signed in, the below UI will appear in the browser.


  • Go to the Cypress test runner and select the Runs option. In that option, select Connect to the dashboard.


  • To save the recorded video and the screenshots, we have to set up a project. The name of the project automatically gets auto-filled depending on the folder we created to create the test files in the VSCode.
  • We can set the mode to public or private.
    • In public mode, all people can view your test results
    • In the private mode, only the people we have invited will be able to see the test results.


  • After setting the project, the below UI will appear which comprises the project ID and project Key. A unique projectID gets generated. The project Key is important because only with the help of the key we can interact with the dashboard to view our results.


  • In the cypress.json file the projectID is automatically gets updated at once we have successfully set the project in the dashboard.


  • Give the name and the main theme of the project accordingly as in the below image.


  • The below UI will appear as the last step to set up the cypress dashboard services.


Executing in the command line using the key-value

  • With the appropriate product key, type the below command in the command line. By default, the run command runs all project files present in the examples folder of the VSCode.
    cypress run --record --key <product key>‚Äč


  • After giving the command, open the test runner and in the Runs option we will see the project execution details. Click the details.


  • Once we click the details a new tab gets opened in the browser like the below image, where we can see all the details of the execution.


  • For all the tests the video gets recorded but for only the failed tests the screenshots are captured. We can access the screenshots or videos by clicking the relevant icons.


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