Jira Dashboards

Jira dashboard is the first thing you see when you logged into the Jira software, Dashboard normally contains the instructions and Controls over the software.

You can create multiple dashboards from different projects or you can also create multiple dashboards for one massive project, this will help you to keep track of your assignments, work, and issues.

Whatever dashboard you will see immediately after the login is called the Default Dashboard, you can align them as per your convenience.

The default dashboard will look like below
On the right upper corner, you can see a Free interface menu (...), just click on it, you will see a drop-down menu containing different options like, create dashboards, find dashboards, copy dashboards, etc..
Click on the Edit Dashboard, you will see another two options like Add gadget and Edit layout, click on the Add Gadget.
Jira will show you some default Gadgets if you want to add, just select the Add Gadget or you want to add Gadget which is not available then there is an option called Load all gadgets just click on that, you can see more Gadgets over there.

There will be another option in the default dashboard called Edit Layout, through this option you can edit the dashboard layout, you can arrange the display of the dashboard how you want.

And each individual Gadget is also having different options like maximize, minimize, rename, and delete options.

Creating the Next-Gen Project:

Search Dashboard

We can search our dashboard, by using the option called Find Dashboard from the drop-down menu, once you click on the find dashboard, you will see the below page, here you can find the respective dashboard by giving the corresponding credentials over there.

Create a Dashboard

Jira allows us to create our own dashboard, from the default dashboard page, click on the drop-down menu and select the create dashboard, so now Jira will ask you to enter the required path to create your own dashboard.
Once you filled the required path, just click on the create, so that your dashboard has been created.
so our sample dashboard with name kanban sample project has been created.

Time Estimation, Epic, and Versions

Share Dashboard

Jira allows us to share the dashboard with the others according to our permission settings have made, just go to the default dashboard page and select the share dashboard option, now edit your dashboard and then click on the update.

So, once you click on the update, the updated dashboard will be displayed on the default page.

Other than the above options, you also have viewed as wallboard, view the wallboard slide show, setup wallboard slide show, by using these options you can set up Jira default dashboard.

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