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Jira allows us to find something or seeking for something which we are in need of it, to perform some operations using Issues, task, story, and a Bug.

there are two kinds of search options are there in Jira

  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search

Basic search provides us with a user-friendly interface that allows the user to define complex queries without using the JQL(Jira Query Language).

Navigate to the main page and on the left upper side you can see a search symbol as shown in the below image, just click on that it will allow you to enter what are you looking for.

The basic search provides us with some highlights like Recent Issues, Recent Boards and projects, and filters.

At the bottom of the Basic search feature, there is one option called All issues filter, if you click on it, it will display all the issues which your jira account is having.

And also you can see there are soo many options like Project All, Type All, Status All, and the Assignee. which means, once you click on that project, it will allow you to select what kind of project you are looking for, either it is a Scrum project or kanban project.

In the same way, if you click on the Type: All, again it is divided into three parts such as

  • Find the Issue type
  • standard Issue type
  • Sub-task Issue type

Again Find the Issue type is having two options like:

  • All Standard Issue type
  • All Subtask Issue type

Standard Issue types are nothing but Task, Bug, Epic, and Story


And Sub-task issue is containing the only sub-task


The next option is Status: All, once you click on the status after selecting the project and issue type, select the current status of that project whether it is Backlog, Done, In Progress or Selected for Development or To Do. Then it will display the corresponding Project details on the screen.


From the above list if I select the To Do, then it will my project which is currently in the beginning stage.

There is an option called Assignee, which allows you to select the assignee, means who has assigned this project to you and if group means, you have an option to select the group.


Jira Reports

The advanced search allows you to build structured queries by using Jira Query language to search the Issues.

Advanced search provides autocomplete suggestions to search according to your query, it will display only the first fifteen matches alphabetically.

Once you click on the search, jira will display the default search feature, besides the search symbol you can find the Advanced search option.

Once you click on Advanced search, a small dialog box will appear, so you can enter your search query in that box. As you type, jira will offer a list of autocomplete suggestions. for example, if want to search for a kanban project, you have to enter project space equal operator symbol and select the type of the project from the suggestion.

If you select the Kanban then it will list all the kanban projects in your jira account. Use an and keyword to separate add the next criteria for the search, selecting the assignee, which represent the currently logged in user or we can call it as admin also.

After that again am entering and keyword and selecting the issue type in the next criteria then equals operator and then type of the issue, here I selected as Epic and click on the search symbol, jira will display the project which matches these criteria.

As of now, I do not have any project which matches the above search criteria and hence it will display as no Issues found.
Let us try for another search as shown below

project = "scrum sample project" AND assignee = CurrentUser() AND issuetype = Epic

We can also try another type of advanced search, like converting the basic search criteria into advanced search, for that first you need to give a search in the basic feature by clicking on the Basic, you will be promoted to basic search as shown below.
So I had given a search in basic feature as follow:

Once you are done with it just click on the Advanced button, you will see the converted advanced search as follow:

project = SSP AND  issuetype = Epic AND status = "To Do" assignee in (CurrentUser())

Now just click on the search symbol, jira will display the related project

project = SSP AND issuetype = Epic AND status = "To Do" AND assignee in (currentUser())

The same way I will search for another project called Boats project with the issue type as a story and assigned to me.

project = "Boats next gen project" AND issuetype = Story AND assignee = ashwinimurty2092

Converting An Issue into Subtask

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