Neo4J : Graph Database

Graph database is nothing but a database/databank, where we store our data in the format of Nodes and Relationship.

We should inform neo4j, what node is what by specifying the properties of the Node. Property :
All the nodes and Relationships has some properties, Properties are nothing but the basic attibutes of the Node or Realationships, Properties of a human could be : Name, Last name, FirstName, height, Weight, Birth Place so on.

Properties cannot have nested properties, properties can have below kind of values.

1. Boolean : true, false
2. Text : String 3. Numbers : 12, 20.5, -99
4. Lists : mix of above values, eg : [true, 'karthiQ', 12, 20.5]
Property does not accept the nested lists, below shows the nested properties and it will not work with Neo4Js :

  name: Elon Musk
  companies : {
    sky : SpaceX,
    land : Tesla,

If we want to delete any property, what we need to do is just remove the property. Lets take an example of Node and relationships: person-propertis-neo4j

Lets take example of mine: karthiq-cherchertech-neo4j

karthiQ's properties karthiq-properties-neo4j

CherCherTech's properties cherchertech-properties-neo4j

Note: Any node can have relationship in only one direction. Neo4J is designed in a such way that it imitates the how an user thinks about a complex data.

Online console to Exceute CQL Queries : Sometimes some people may not be in a postion to practice the Neo4J in their machine as they might not have enought system rights.

For those kind of people Neo4J has provided a console to execute the CQL (Cypher Query Language).

Goto for practicing the CQL.

Installation of Neo4J

Please follow below steps to install the Neo4J Coomunity edition, we will be using Community version throughtout our tutorials.

1. Navigate to

2. Click on the required link under the Other relases section based on the your OS. As I am using win64 version, I have clicked on the link highlighetd
3. Unzip the donwloaded zip file, and content should look like below.

4. We need java 8 aks JDK 1.8 for running the Neo4J 3.x versions.

5. Open bin folder in the unzipped folder, you should able to see below files inside bin folder
6. Open command Prompt / terminal and navigate to the bin folder, and type neo4j-console

7. Open your browser and navigate to : http://localhost:7474/browser/

8. Password is neo4j, click connect.


9. Change your password on next screen

10. You should see a wecome screen like below after changing your password. welcome-screen-neo4j

11. Side bar menus' are self explainable, so please hover them for more details about the menu details.

12. The Main area of the browser contains, Query executor and Output area. browser-area-neo4j

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