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Started to learn Neural Network from today (09 Oct 2018) I am planning to complete by this December, If you would like to be part please do follow these tutorial and you mail me as well. we will learn together. I know basics of python, other than that nothing in neural networks. mail : [email protected]

In this tutorials, we will be using the python programming language to create neural networks, so we might need to download and install required Tools.

In this course, we are not only going to use the python programming language but also some packages from the python. Anaconda has all the required packages for analytics projects.

Anaconda is not a tool but a suite, from this suite we will be using Spyder IDE and IPython notebook for practicing the code.

Install Anaconda :

  • Navigate to Anaconda download page and choose the installer based n your operating system
  • choose-ide-for-operationg-system-deep-learning
  • Choose the architecture for your operating system
  • operating-system-architecture-deep-learning
  • Open the installation file
  • install-anaconda-deep-learning
  • Click next in the Installation wizard
  • installation-step-deep-learning
  • Choose the User where you want to install(either to current user or to All)
  • chhose-installation-user-anaconda
  • Leave the Path variables as it it.
  • installation-path-anaconda-python
  • Installation will take about 30-40 minutes
  • Once installation is complete, you might see below Complete message
  • completion-of-anaconda-installation
  • Now open your start menu and search for Anaconda, open Anaconda navigator
  • anaconda-navigator-deep-learning
  • The UI might look different from version to version but I hope options will stay same.
  • Launch the Spyder IDE
  • spyder-ide-anaconda
  • Now you might see the UI of Spyder Like below
  • spyder-ui-anaconda
  • You can choose the Panes from the View Option
  • panes-spyder-ide-anaconda
  • You can close the Anaconda Navigator, as it has no more use.
  • Sometimes you can directly open the SPYder IDE from start menu by searching
  • spyder-directly
  • Write a Sample line of Print, print("Hello Master")
  • You should be able to see the output on the Ipython console, Select the line you want to execute and hit CTRL + ENTER hello-master-python-deep-learning

About Author

Article is written by Pavan (a) KarthiQ. Well, I am serving notice period in an MNC, Bangalore. I thought to enrich every person knowledge a little, I always have a feeling, when we teach something, we will learn more than what you know. Knowledge is the only thing that doubles when you spend it.

I have also created the reporter for Protractor Jasmine. Use for your projects without any hesitation

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