Element State in Playwright java

is checked in the playwright

To see whether a checkbox is checked or not we can use the isChecked() method

is disabled in Playwright

Sometimes it is important to see whether an element is enabled or not. for example, without filling in the username and password, the Sign In button should not be enabled. To get whether an element is disabled or not we can use isDisabled() method

is enabled

isEnabled() method checks whether an element is enabled or not

is editable in Playwright

isEditable() method checks whether an element is editable or not, this is almost similar to isEnabled() method

is hidden in playwright

Some elements should not be visible on the UI until some operation is performed; to deal with such kind of issues we can use isHidden() method

is visible in playwright

isVisible() method checks whether an element is present in the UI and it is visible. An element is visible when its size is more than 0px in width and 0px in height.

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