UiPath Orchestrator Interview Questions

1. Explain About the project worked in UiPath?

  • Explain the project description neatly
  • Explain the Test data details, How you are getting the input to the UI, and How you will write your output
  • Error Handling methods, how you are taking the screenshot during the error
  • SDLC Document Preparation details
  • Explain the Orchestrator mapping details

2. What is UiPath Automation?

Uipath is the seller for the main computerization procedure of mechanical technology. It really helps in giving a product stage which will help in an association like computerize business.

The primary target of the product robot is to help in the control of the application's layer of introduction, like the manner in which any human will do.

3. What are Selectors and Wildcards in UiPath?

You will manage the characteristics which are changing progressively in the selector. What's more, the selector helps in naturally creating the determination by utilizing the wildcraft.

4. What is the Assign Activity in UiPath?

We require the dole-out action since it encourages doling out qualities to the factors. For the most part, they are utilized when there is a requirement for increasing the variable's esteem when there is a circle. You can include the esteem and after that store them to another variable or it helps in allotting the incentive to some cluster.

5. What is the Delay Activity in UiPath?

Uipath utilizes the defer movement for making you delay or stop the computerization for some period. This is primarily utilized in ventures where you require great planning like pausing and afterward beginning of some specific applications or sitting tight for data preparing which you can use in the diverse action.

6. What is the IF Activity in UiPath

If the activity contains a statement and two conditions. The first condition (the activity in the Then section) is executed if the statement is true, while the second one (the activity in the Else section) is executed if the statement is false.

7. What is the Switch Activity in UiPath?

The switch movement encourages you to pick one out of the others dependent on the predefined estimations of the articulations. Switch movement utilizes number contention as default yet you can without much of a stretch change it by heading off to the properties board and choosing the required Type Argument list. It helps in classifying the information relying upon the case number.

8. What is the While Activity in UiPath?

This action helps in preparing an explicit movement over and again when a specific condition is valid. The essential contrast among the while and do-while is that in the previous one the condition will be assessed firs

9. What is the While Activity in UiPath?

This action helps in preparing an explicit movement over and again when a specific condition is valid. The essential contrast among the while and do-while is that in the previous one the condition will be assessed first and afterward the circle will be executed.

10. What is the Break Activity in UiPath?

With the assistance of break-action, you can without much of a stretch stop a specific circle at any picked point and then you can proceed with some other action.

11. What is a bundle administrator in UiPath?

With the assistance of the bundle director, you can undoubtedly download the action bundles, systems, libraries, wrappers, and so on and you can likewise check the ones which are as of now present in the compartment and you can likewise refresh them or include or expel them.

Every one of these highlights is conceivable in view of overseeing bundles window which you can without much of a stretch open by tapping the bundle administrator catch by pushing on the movement board.

12. What is venture investigating in UiPath?

Investigating is utilized

ng it to robots and after that executing it.

When you will be associated with the orchestrator then the venture will go to the orchestrator field and afterward it will be shown on the bundle's page.

Furthermore, from this place, you can without much of a stretch disperse them to alternate robots after you relegate a few bundles to the earth. Else, it will get put away locally in the studio feed.

15. What are UI Activities Properties in UiPath?

There are distinctive sorts of exercises that are utilized in the site pages or in mechanizing applications and you can without much of a stretch discover them in the area of exercises board ordered under UI mechanization. These UI exercises share numerous properties for all intents and purposes.

  • ContinueOnError : Even when the action will demonstrate blunder still, the computerization will proceed with its work. This field works in boolean qualities. False is the default an incentive in here. The task won't demonstrate any mistake if the action on this field is set to valid inside the attempt get.
  • Postponement After : It helps in stopping the action.
  • Deferral Before : It stops before any action.
  • TimeoutMS : It helps in finding the component before the mistake has appeared.
  • WaitForReady : It will hold up until the point when the objective is prepared and before you play out the movement.
  • Target : It helps in distinguishing the component in UI before the action begins.

16. How would you be able to empower picture and content-based process robotization?

On the off chance that you need to empower the picture and content-based process computerization, you should see that the uipath has a few highlights that will recreate the console or mouse input, such as floating, clicking, content acknowledgment, OCR exercises, and so forth that helps for recognizing by UI components by screen scratching.

Picture or content robotization is fundamentally utilized in the circumstances where the UI mechanization won't work like in the earth of the virtual machine or in the spots where discovering selectors by utilizing the typical strategies isn't simple.

17. What is Citrix Automation in UiPath? Do you have any involvement in virtual machine computerization?

The virtual machine is the imitating of software engineering. On the off chance that you effectively need to process the computerization in the Citrix machines, you will require strategies and apparatus. The Citrix robotization in the UI path is utilized for working the virtual machine.

Truly, I have taken a shot at the virtual machine mechanization beforehand.

These are a portion of the imperative meeting condition which you will look at amid UI path meet. It contains the two learners' level inquiries to inquiries for experienced individuals. To take in more about the UI path, it is essential to have a sound learning of computerization and virtual machine.

18. Differences between UiPath and Blue Prism?

  • Differences UiPath Blue Prism
  • Programming languages UiPath uses VB. Blue Prism Uses C#.
  • Control Room/Dashboard The control room has The Orchestrator: Is web-based, it is accessible through mobile or browser.
  • Blue Prism has customer based servers, available only within the cost of their application and uses UiPath is more affordable it is easy to learn and operate

19. What is Citrix Automation in UiPath?

The virtual machine is the emulation of computer science. If you efficiently want to process the automation in the Citrix machines then you will need techniques and tools. The Citrix automation in the UiPath is used for operating the virtual machine.

20.What is UiPath Automation?

Uipath is the vendor for the leading automation process of robotics. It actually helps in providing a software platform that will help in an organization like automate business.

The main objective of the software robot is to help in the manipulation of the application's layer of presentation like the way any human will do.

21. What does the Accuracy property represent in the Click image activity?

It is a unit of measurement from O to 1 which expresses the minimum similarity between the image you are searching for and the one to be found.

23. How do you deploy the UiPath tool?

  • Install UiPath Studio on the system you want to automate processes.
  • The robot key from orchestrator is taken to Provision the machine & entering it into the.
  • Robot Configuration board and furthermore the Configuration URL which you will find in the Admin area of Orchestrator
  • Publish your procedure except if you simply need to utilize your current procedure
  • Create an environment
  • Make release of process
  • Start job

24. In UiPath studio, how elements are recognized on screen?

They can be recognized through the attributes of UI elements.

25.. What is the state machine in UiPath?

A State Machine is a type of automation that uses a finite number of states in its execution. It can go into a state when it is triggered by an activity, and it exits that state when another activity is triggered.

They also enable us to add conditions based on which to jump from one state to another. These are represented by arrows or branches between states.

26. What are sequence activities in UiPath?

The sequence is actually the small type of projects which are suitable mainly for linear processes and will enable you to switch from one activity to another seamlessly. It actually acts as a single activity block. You can reuse them many times.

27. How to import Namespaces in UiPath?

To add new namespaces to your library :

  • Open Imports: In the Enter or Select namespace field, start typing the namespace that interest you. Note that suggestions are provided while you type in case you are not exactly sure what you are looking for.
  • Click the drop-down arrow to view and browse all available namespaces.
    Select the desired namespace. The namespace is added to the Imported Namespaces. To remove a namespace, select it and press Delete.
  • Note that namespaces can only be deleted if they aren't used. For example, you can delete a namespace if the assembly that contains it is no longer referenced by the project.

28. Can UiPath run multiple instances of the same process with one robot in one system simultaneously?

  • Yes, it can run the same program simultaneously in two robots where each system is registered as one robot. On a machine with a Windows Server (2008 R2 or 2012 R2 or 2016)
  • Operating System: You can run the same process with all Robots at the same time;
  • You can run different processes with all Robots at the same time.
  • These are called High-density robots.

29. What is the Value and Scope of data types in UiPath?

Variable is used for storing data. You can also change the value of the variable. When some data is stored within some variable then that value can be of many types. In uipath, there is a huge number of data types starting from text number, generic value, time, date, and data tables.

30. How do you expand a Tree View structure on a web page using UiPath?
If you are talking about expanding the root node for a collapsed tree, you probably would use Click Image since that would likely be unique.

If you are trying to expand a particular node, you'd likely use Click Text, and give it a certain negative X offset in the Position property so that when it targets the text you want to expand the node for, it will end up clicking on the +.

31. Difference between UiPath vs Selenium?

  • Selenium has been designed for testing web applications or websites.
  • Selenium can't interact with a huge number of applications.
  • It is unable to use one's application's output and use them as a new input for another application and is not compatible with virtual environments like Citrix.
  • Whereas Uipath generally designs the software process that helps in automation.
  • It is a sort of RPA tool which will help in performing activities like the human.

32. What are Selectors and Wildcards in UiPath?

  • Wildcraft helps in replacing the strings. It is helpful when you will deal with the attributes which are changing dynamically in the selector.
  • And the selector helps in automatically generating the selection by using the wildcraft.

33. What is the For Each Activity in UiPath?

For Each activity enables you to step through arrays, lists, data tables or other types of collections so that you can iterate through the data and process each piece of information individually.

34. What is branching in UiPath RPA?

When it comes to branching in uipath there comes a condition. This condition is used when an activity is having more than one solution that occurs after a certain condition. The condition statement will help the program to determine what behavior should be shown when any condition will be selected.

35. Explain about Recording in UiPath Studio?

Uipath has 4 recordings. They are Basic, desktop, web, and Citrix.

  • Basic: It is used for the generation of the full selector for every activity but has no container. Hence the automation is much slower but is good for single activities.
  • Desktop : It is great for multiple actions and desktop apps. It is much faster than the basic and uses the container where the activities will be enclosed and will also have a partial selector.
  • Web: It is used for recording in the web pages and for browsing. It also generates the container.
  • Citrix: It is used for the recording of virtualized environments, permits texts, images, and keyboard automation.

36. What is the While Activity in UiPath?

  • While activity enables you to execute a specific process repeatedly, while a specific condition is met. The main difference between this and the Do While activity is that, in the first one, the condition is evaluated before the body of the loop is executed.
  • This type of activity can be useful to step through all the elements of an array or execute a particular activity multiple times. You can increment counters to browse through array indices or step through a list of items.

37. What is Flow Switch in UiPath?

Flow switch and flow decision are the same things but it has one difference and that is in the flow switch each branch of the flow switch is known as the flow step and is not just restricted to true or false branch.