Citrix Automation Using UiPath

Citrix is a software used to connect (virtually connect) to client's applications and networks remotely. Citrix automation is one of the features of Robotic (RPA) software.

A Virtual Machine in simple words is a guest Operating System that runs on another operating system.

How Citrix Automation works :

  • Consider a scenario wherein you have to access a server on your computer.
  • Now, when you try to access the server, it is not the main server that you are accessing, but you get an image of the screen of the server.
  • Now, what happens is, whenever you click on something, that image or pixel is sent to the server.
  • Then in the server, it is exactly clicked over there.
  • To automate these kinds of tasks, you can implement Citrix technology with UiPath.
  • UiPath aims to provide this automation with the help of recorders.
  • It is a fact that many applications today are published via Citrix XenApp.
  • A Citrix server only sends screenshots of the live application that runs on the Citrix server back to the client, so UiPath cannot access the logical elements that make up the user interface.

UiPath Role in Citrix Automation :

  • UiPath went to great lengths to make Citrix automation possible: featuring a powerful image recognition engine that is optimized to find images on the screen in under 100 milliseconds.
  • Besides image recognition, the text is sent back to the client via a shared clipboard or by using on-screen OCR (optical character recognition).
  • More importantly, despite the inherent difficulties of automating Citrix, you can still use the integrated recorder to achieve great productivity.
  • It takes the same amount of time to build an integration that involves Citrix, as it takes to automate a regular desktop application.

How Citrix Automation is different from other technologies :

  • Citrix plays an essential role in corporate companies like BPOs and contact centers.
  • Where applications need to be accessed remotely due to security considerations.
  • Applications are streamed as an image, and Citrix offers the best virtualization support for this.
  • UiPath can automate manual processes on Citrix without leaving any traces on the server.
  • It can see the user interface like a human even in virtualized environments (via OCR) and will recognize controls and text

RPA UiPath Studio User Interface

Automating Notepad using Citrix Automation in UiPath

Create a new Project/Process called Citrix_Automation_Example


Once the Process has been opened in the UiPath Studio, drag and drop the sequence inside the designer pane.

Now, go to the Ribbon Tab in UiPath and choose the Recording option. In the recording option, choose the Native Citrix Recorder.

Once you click on the Native Citrix option, the Native Citrix Wizard will look as below


The First step is to click on Notepad Icon in your system/computer, To do that, choose the Click option from the Recording Tab, and drag your mouse near the Notepad icon.

And, This step will open the Notepad.


Now, you have to type something in Notepad. To do that, choose the Type option from the Recording Tab and then drag the mouse over the area you want to enter text.

Mention your text and press Enter In the dialog box. This will enter your text into Notepad.

Once the text is entered, the next step is to close the Notepad. To do that, click again on Click from the Recording Tab and mention the region across the cross button.

Again choose the Click option to Don't save the file.

Now Click on Save and Exit Button on the Recording Wizard


Once the Sequence exists from the recording mode the complete sequence looks as shown below.

Now save and run the sequence, after the execution the Notepad will open and enter the text and closes the notepad application.