TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Certification Exam Set 2

Atopic sales, topic is bridged to two queues: FINANCE.Q and AUDIT.Q. Ten messages

are sent on the topic SALES.TOPIC. A consumer reads ten messages from FINANCE.Q.

How many messages are now in the AUDIT.Q? 

Options are :

  • ten (Correct)
  • zero
  • twenty
  • five

Answer : ten

Which two actions are most likely to improve EMS server performance? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • Increasing network I/O capacity on the server
  • Improving physical disk performance
  • B,D (Correct)
  • Switching from a file-based store to a database store
  • Adding an additional CPU to the server running EMS

Answer : B,D

Which two statements are true about load balancing with EMS? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • Load balancing should be avoided when the application requires strict message ordering.
  • A,C (Correct)
  • Each consumer must maintain connections to all servers.
  • EMS servers should not be load balanced with durable subscribers.
  • Two load balanced servers can also be configured as a fault-tolerant pair.

Answer : A,C

Which two statements are true about routing queue messages? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • Queue messages can travel multiple hops.
  • The concept of zones and hops does not apply to queue messages.
  • B,C (Correct)
  • Each server in the route path must have its queue defined as global.
  • Routed queue messages can travel to adjacent servers without reaching the home queue.

Answer : B,C

Which two statements are true about writing a LoginModule, which implements a JAAS

interface? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • The LoginModule must be named JAASLoginModule.
  • B.D (Correct)
  • The LoginModule must be thread-safe.
  • The LoginModule must use SSL.
  • The LoginModule must accept the password from the EMS server byway of a callback.

Answer : B.D

Which two datastores are supported by EMS servers? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • A,D (Correct)
  • ledger file
  • in-memorydatagrid
  • file
  • mstore

Answer : A,D

Which three commands must be executed to ensure that user ui can only send messages

to queue qi? (Choose three.) 

Options are :

  • addprop queue q1 exclusive user=u1
  • A,D,E (Correct)
  • addprop queue q1 secure
  • set server authorization=enabled
  • grant admin connect user =u1, queue=q1
  • grant queue q1 user =u1 send

Answer : A,D,E

Which two statements are true about asynchronous message consumption? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • An asynchronous durable subscriber exits once it registers its callback with the server.
  • Asynchronous consumers must use asynchronous message stores,
  • A,C (Correct)
  • Asynchronous consumers use a callback to handle messages,
  • Each asynchronous consumer object can have at most one listener.

Answer : A,C

Which two objects are referred to as EMS administered objects? 

Options are :

  • A & B (Correct)
  • connection factories
  • groups
  • topics

Answer : A & B

Which four commands grant the user Bob permission to view topic topic, sample? (Choose


Options are :

  • Grant topic topic.sample user=Bob view
  • Grant admin Bob view topic.sample
  • Grant topic topic.> user=Bob view
  • Grant admin Bob view-all
  • A,B.D.E (Correct)
  • Grant topic > user=Bob view
  • Grant admin Bob view topics

Answer : A,B.D.E

Which four parameters in tibemsd.conf can be used to quickly identity network connection

failures between EMS clients and servers? (Choose four.) 

Options are :

  • server_client_heartbeat
  • Server_timeout_client_connection
  • server_heartbeat_client
  • client_heartbeat_server
  • server_client_timeout
  • client_timeout_server_connection
  • A,C,D,E (Correct)

Answer : A,C,D,E

Which two statements are true about logging and tracing capabilities in EMS? (Choose


Options are :

  • The location of log file is set in tibemsd.conf file via the log_trace parameter.
  • Message tracing applies to the header and/or body of the message.
  • Access control violations can be logged to console or log file.
  • Message tracing can be applied at the destination level, not at message level.
  • B,C (Correct)

Answer : B,C

The following topics are defined in topics.conf:

Which Statement is true about the topic mycompany. tibx. eng. all?

Options are :

  • It is secure, but not global.
  • It is global, but not secure.
  • It is global and secure. (Correct)
  • It is neither global nor secure.

Answer : It is global and secure.

Given the following configuration:

What happens when the jMSExpi ration property is set to 60secwhen producing a


Options are :

  • Message expires after 90 seconds.
  • Message expires after 60 seconds.
  • Message expires after 30 seconds. (Correct)
  • Message expires after 120 seconds.

Answer : Message expires after 30 seconds.

Which two statements are true about RELIABLE_DELIVERY mode? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • A,C (Correct)
  • With RELIABLE_DELIVERY mode, the producer receives a response from the server.
  • With RELIABLE_DELIVERY mode, the server sends the producer a receipt confirmation.
  • Reliable mode decreases the volume of message traffic, allowing higher message rates.
  • It is a TIBCO extension to JMS.

Answer : A,C

How does a backup fault-tolerant server detect a failure of the primary fault-tolerant server? 

Options are :

  • Multicast heartbeats sent from the backup server
  • Multicast heartbeats sent from the primary server
  • TCP heartbeats sent from the backup server
  • TCP heartbeats sent from the primary server (Correct)

Answer : TCP heartbeats sent from the primary server

Which Administration Tool command sets the maximum size of a queue? 

Options are :

  • Create queue queue.manage maxbytes = value[KB|MB|GB]
  • Create queue queue.manage msgm = value[KB|MB|GB]
  • Create queue queue.manage mbytes = value[KB|MB|GB]
  • Create queue queue.manage size = value[KB|MB|GB] (Correct)

Answer : Create queue queue.manage size = value[KB|MB|GB]

Which three commands will update EMS configuration files when an exclusive commit

command is issued from EMS? (Choose three.) 

Options are :

  • set server password=password
  • set server track_message_ids=enabled
  • B,C,D (Correct)
  • set server routing=enabled
  • set server client trace=enabled
  • set server authorization=enabled

Answer : B,C,D

Which two conditions can cause messages in a queue to be moved to the undelivered

queue? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • The number of pending messages has reached the limit defined for the queue.
  • A,C (Correct)
  • The number of delivery attempts has reached the limit defined for the queue.
  • The overflow policy for the queue has been set to discard the oldest messages.
  • The length of time the message has been retained in the queue has exceeded the limit defined for the queue.

Answer : A,C

Two EMS servers have an active/active route between them.

How many connections are used to route messages bi-directionally between them? 

Options are :

  • 4
  • 2
  • 1 (Correct)
  • 0

Answer : 1

Which two are valid acknowledgment modes in TIBCO Enterprise Message Service?

(Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • A,E (Correct)

Answer : A,E

Which two statements are true about selector functions? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • They are available to control the flow of messages along a route.
  • They are available for use in the bridging functions, helping to reduce unnecessary network traffic.
  • B,D (Correct)
  • They are useful when used in conjunction with topic browser functions.
  • A selector's conditional expression can refer to values of the message body.

Answer : B,D

Which two transaction policies are supported by TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus? (Choose two.)

Options are :

  • managed transaction
  • XA transaction
  • JDBC transaction
  • single resource transaction
  • transacted one-way
  • C,D (Correct)

Answer : C,D

You have a routed queue named ORDER. NEW defined between the US-EMS (home

queue) and MEXICO-EMS servers

What must be done for messages to route properly? 

Options are :

  • Send a message to the queue named ORDER, NEW (Correct)
  • Send a message to the queue named order. NEW@US-EMS
  • Define ORDER.NEW@home in the US-EMS server's queues, conf file
  • Send a message to the routed queue named order. NEW@MEXICO-EMS

Answer : Send a message to the queue named ORDER, NEW

Which three configuration files are used by EMS? (Choose three.) 

Options are :

  • B,E,F (Correct)
  • listeners.conf
  • routes.conf
  • jaas.conf
  • producers.conf
  • consumers.conf
  • channels.conf

Answer : B,E,F

Which method is used to register the message listener with the message consumer for

asynchronous message consumption? 

Options are :

  • setListener ()
  • onMessage ()
  • setMessageListener () (Correct)
  • putMessageListener ()

Answer : setMessageListener ()

Which two parameters in the main configuration file affect memory usage of the EMS

server? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • A,D (Correct)
  • reserve memory
  • max_msg_memory
  • reserve_msg_memory
  • max_memory

Answer : A,D

The company naming standard states that all queue names must start with the letter C.

How can the administrator of the EMS server enforce this naming standard for dynamic


Options are :

  • By having c. > as the only entry with a wildcard in the queues.conf file (Correct)
  • By changing create-destination permission for users
  • By setting a rule to add c. as a prefix to all dynamic queues
  • By disabling creation of dynamic destinations in the tibemsd.conf file

Answer : By having c. > as the only entry with a wildcard in the queues.conf file

In which two scenarios will the EMS server persist messages? (Choose two.) 

Options are :

  • When messages are sent to a queue with a store that is Ssys.failsafe
  • When messages are sent to a topic with no durable subscriber
  • B,C (Correct)
  • When messages are sent to a queue with a PERSISTENT delivery mode
  • When messages are sent to a topic with one subscriber with a fault tolerant EMS connection

Answer : B,C

Which method can be used to create custom authorization login modules? 

Options are :

  • JACI
  • NTML
  • JAAS (Correct)
  • WS-*

Answer : JAAS

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