TE0-124 Teradata 12 Database Administration Practice Exam Set 1

An application processes approximately 100,000 transactions each hour until noon. The transaction rate is approximately 40,000 transactions per hour for the remainder of the day. Some transactions are well tuned. Some all-AMP queries exceed 5,000 CPU seconds. A system administrator needs to track the number of transactions and CPU usage by this user group. The query text is only needed for the long running all-AMP queries. The queries for these users are all submitted under the same Userid and limitations to the application prevent changing this. Which type of logging should be used for this application group?

Options are :

  • Object
  • Threshold
  • Summary
  • Detail

Answer : Object

A system is continually running out of AMP Worker Tasks (AWT) and failing to meet business service level agreements (SLAs). The database administrator detpe='email' , name='email' type="text" aria-describedby="nameHelp" placeholder="Enter email ( Optional for updates )">
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