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Tableau Worksheets

A worksheet is a blank area, you can use to create views for the data analysis. Tableau provides the three blank default worksheets to establish a connection to your saved data source.

You can go ahead and add multiple worksheets to look at different data views on the same screen, one after another. Below is the image of the default worksheet.

Add New Worksheet:

You can add a new worksheet to Tableau in two ways :

  • Right-click on Sheet1 and select the New Worksheet option or else just click on the icon next to sheet2.
  • You can have a quick preview of worksheet1 by hovering the mouse cursor on the name of that sheet1.
Rename Worksheet:
  • You can name the existing worksheets by renaming them.
  • Renaming will help in relating the content of the worksheet with its name.
  • For example, if we want to know which sheet has the view of segment-wise profit then by naming the sheet as segment-wise profit, you can easily identify the segment-wise profit sheet.
  • Right-click on sheet1/sheet2 and select the Rename option in the list, provide a name according to your project.
  • Now you can see the worksheet with the new name.
Save or Delete Worksheet:
  • You can save or delete the existing worksheet.
  • This helps in organizing the contents in the Tableau desktop environment.
  • You can save a worksheet by selecting Save To Tableau Public under the main menu.
  • You can delete a worksheet using the following steps.
    • Right-click on the existing worksheet name and select the Delete option from the list.
Re-Order Worksheet:
  • Sometimes you need to re-order the worksheet position to study them in a better way.
  • You can change the position of the worksheet by dragging it from its existing position to the new position.
  • Consider that, the worksheets are in the following position.
  • Now you can see that the worksheets are arranged in an order.
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