Tableau Story Line

Tableau story is a sequence of visualizations that work together to convey information. Stories can be used to narrate data, provide content, and also how to demonstrate decisions related to outcomes or simply make a strong case.

A story is a sheet, so the methods you use to create, name and manage worksheets and dashboards are also applied to these stories. A story is also a collection of sheets, arranged in a sequence.

Each separate sheet in a story is called a story point. And the connection of all story points creates a Tableau storyline.

Tableau Workspace and Navigation

Create a Story Point in Tableau

  • Open Tableau and click on Connect to Data.
  • Then the Connect page will open, click on Microsoft Excel.
  • Navigate to the downloaded files, select Sample Superstore excel file, which is a saved excel file, and click on Open.
  • You can download a Sample Superstore.xls file from the link:
  • Once the data source has been connected, open a new worksheet by clicking on sheet1.
  • Create a simple view by dragging the Sub-Category to the column shelf and Profit to the row shelf as below.
  • To create a new story, click on New Story Icon as shown below.
  • Navigate to the new story point as below.
  • In the storyboard, you can see the below options:
    • Blank : Use this button to create a new Story Point.
    • Duplicate : Use this button to Duplicate the existing Story point.
    • Sheets : List of Worksheets Sheet that is available to create this story.
    • Drag to Add Text : This will help you to add Custom Text on Top of the Story Point.
    • Show Title : By selecting this option display the tiles of the graph and by doing uncheck this option to hide the story title.
    • Size : Use this property to adjust the display size of a Story.
    • Add a Caption : Use this Area to explain the Story Point.
  • Hover over on the BarChart sheet to see the sheet preview, and clicking the Marked button will take you to the original sheet.
  • You can drag and drop the Bar Chart sheet to the story point, now, you can see the Bar Chart in the story point as below.
  • You can add some caption to your story point, here, I have added some sample text, If you observe the below caption box, you can see 4 buttons are displaying on top of the caption box. And they are:
    • Delete : To delete the Current Story Point
    • Revert : Use this to undo the changes.
    • Update : To update the caption
    • Save a New : This will save the caption as a New Story Point.

Data Sorting in Tableau

Create a New Story Point in Tableau

  • You can create a new story point by clicking on the Blank button in
  • Now the new blank story has been created.

Formatting in Tableau

Create Duplicate Story Point in Tableau

Tableau allows you to duplicate the existing story point. To do so, click on the Duplicate button to duplicate the current story point.

In the below image you can see that the duplicate story point has been created.

Line Chart in Tableau

Add Text to a Story in Tableau

Drag and drop the Drag to Add Text Object to the work area to add custom text or Description to the Tableau Story Point.

Once you drop the Drag to Add Text Object on to the work area, a new pop-up window called Edit Description will open. Use this window to write your description.

Now enter the text and click OK.

The text will be displayed on the story point as below.

Pie Chart in Tableau

Display Size of the Story Point in Tableau

Tableau provides an option to set the size of the story point as per your requirement, by default the Fixed Size with Story Size has been selected.

By clicking on the Size dropdown, you can change the size of the story point as per your requirement. Automatic option will adjust the story point as per the Screen size

Installation of Tableau

Format Tableau Story Layout

On the top left corner, you will find an option called Layout, which is used to format the captions of a Story in Tableau.

Under Layout, you have below options that help in formating the Story Point.

  • Caption Box : This is the default option. Use this option to display the caption. If I select the Caption boxes option the caption box will be displayed as below.
  • Numbers : Use this option to display the numbers (1, 2, 3,…) instead of a caption. If I select the Numbers option the numbers will be displayed instead of the caption.
  • Dots : Use this option to display Dots. If we select the Dots option the dots will be displayed in the story point as below.
  • Show arrows : Checkmark this option to display the arrows around the captions as below.

Introduction to Tableau

Remove a Story Point from Tableau

Tableau provides an option to delete your story point in case if you want to delete it. By simply clicking the Delete button, you can delete the caption along with the story point from the current story.

You can delete the story point in two ways:

  • By clicking the Delete option in the caption box.
  • Right-click on the story name Story1 at the bottom in the tableau workspace and select the Delete option will delete your unwanted story point.
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