Scattered Plot Graph in Tableau

As the name suggests, a scatter plot shows many points scattered in the Cartesian plane. Scatter plots are an effective way to give you a sense of trends, concentrations, and outliers that facilitate deeper investigations of your data.

A scatter plot graph presents lots of distinct data points on a single chart. The chart can be enhanced with analytics like cluster analysis or trend lines. It is created by plotting values of numerical variables as X and Y coordinates in the Cartesian plane.

Tableau takes at least one measure on the Rows shelf and one measure on the Columns shelf to create a scatter plot.

However, we can add dimension fields to the scatter plot which play a role in marking different colors for the already existing points in the scatter graph.

I am using the Sample-superstore Datasource to demonstrates this example, let us find the variation of sales and profit figures as the two axes of the Cartesian plane is distributed according to their Sub-Category.

Follow the below steps in the Tableau worksheet :

  • Open Tableau and click on Connect to Data.
  • Then the Connect page will open, click on Microsoft Excel.
  • Navigate to the downloaded files, select Sample Superstore.xls excel file, which is a saved excel file, and click on Open.
  • You can download a Sample Superstore.xls file from the link:
  • Once the data source has been connected, open a new worksheet by clicking on sheet1.
  • The Sample Superstore excel file contains the below details.
  • Drag and drop the measure Sales to the Columns shelf.
  • Drag and drop the measure Profit to the Rows shelf.
  • Pull the dimension Sub-Category to the labels Shelf under Marks.

The following chart shows how profit and sales are distributed across the Sub-Category of products.

You can encode the dimension Sub-Category values by dragging the Sub-Category to the color Shelf under the Marks card. This chart shows the scatter points with different colors for each point.

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