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Motion Charts in Tableau

Motion charts are those which show data using the X and Y-axes, displaying changes over time by showing the movement of data points within the defined space as well as changes in the color of the lines.

The main advantage of a motion chart is to view the entire trail of how the data has changed over time and not just a snapshot of the data.

Tableau needs one Time Dimension and one Measure to create a Motion chart.

Creating a Motion Chart in Tableau:

  • Open Tableau and click on Connect to Data.
  • Then the Connect page will open, click on Microsoft Excel.
  • Navigate to the downloaded files, select Sample Superstore.xls excel file, which is a saved excel file, and click on Open.
  • You can download a Sample Superstore.xls file from the link:
  • Once the data source has been connected, open a new worksheet by clicking on sheet1.
  • The Sample Superstore.xls excel file contains the below details.
  • We have to find the variation in profits over months.
  • Drag the dimension Order date to the column shelf, drag it again to the Pages Shelf.
  • In the Pages shelf, right-click on the Order Date and choose Month.
  • Now, drag the measure Profit to the Rows Shelf, the following chart appears.
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