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Line Chart in Tableau

The line chart, or line graph, is another method for displaying data in Tableau. As it connects several distinct data points, presenting them as one continuous evolution.

  • Open Tableau and click on Connect to Data.
  • Then the Connect page will open, click on Microsoft Excel.
  • Navigate to the downloaded files, select Sample Superstore.xls excel file, which is a saved excel file, and click on Open.
  • You can download a Sample Superstore.xls file from the link:
  • Once the data source has been connected, open a new worksheet by clicking on sheet1.
  • Sample Superstore.xls excel file contains the below details.
  • Choose one dimension and one measure value to create a simple line chart.
  • Drag the dimension Ship Mode to Columns Shelf and Sales to the Rows shelf.
  • Choose the Line chart from the Marks card.
  • You will get the following line chart, which shows the variation of Sales for different Ship modes.


You can use one dimension value with two measure values, this will result in a multiple line graph in a single pane as below. Each pane represents the variation of the dimension with one of the measures.

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