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Bubble Chart in Tableau

Tableau provides Bubble charts to display the data as a cluster of circles. Each of the values in the dimension field represents a circle whereas the values of measure represent the size of those circles.

As the values are not going to be presented in any row or column, you can drag the required fields to different shelves under the marks card.

Using the Sample-superstore Datasource, let us find the size of profit for different ship mode.

Follow the below steps in the Tableau worksheet :

  • Open Tableau and click on Connect to Data.
  • Then the Connect page will open, click on Microsoft Excel.
  • Navigate to the downloaded files, select Sample Superstore excel file data source, which is a saved excel file, and click on Open.
  • You can download a Sample Superstore.xls file from the given link:
  • Once the data source has been connected, open a new worksheet by clicking on sheet1.
  • The Sample Superstore excel file contains the below details.
  • Drag and drop the measure profit into the Size shelf under the Marks card.
  • Drag and drop the dimension ship mode into the Label shelf under the Marks card.
  • Pull the dimension ship mode to the Colors shelf under Marks card.

The following chart appears:

You can decide the size of the circle by adding measure field values, drag the Sales measure into the Labels shelf. Now the Bubble chart will look as below.

Instead of coloring each circle with a different color, you can use a single color with different shades. To do that, drag the measure sales into the color shelf. The higher values represent darker shades while the smaller values represent lighter shades.

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