ST0-247 Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Test Set 12

An administrator has removed a system from a running Veritas Cluster Server cluster so that the cluster now only has seven nodes. The administrator must ensure the cluster will start successfully after a complete cluster shutdown. Which line should be in the /etc/gabtab file to successfully start the cluster?

Options are :

  • gabconfig -c -n 7
  • clust start seed=7
  • gabconfig start seed=7
  • clust -c -n 7

Answer : clust start seed=7

ST0-237 Symantec Loss Prevention Technical Practice Exam Set 9

What are two reasons to implement SCSI-3 I/O fencing? (Select two.)

A. Disk-based heartbeat

B. Data protection

C. Lock disk

D. Cluster communication

E. Membership arbitration

Options are :

  • A,E
  • C,B
  • E,A
  • D,C
  • B,E

Answer : B,E

An administrator needs to set up a service group dependency with the following characteristics: The parent group depends on the child group being offline on the same system. If the child group faults and fails over to a system on which the parent is running, the parent should switch to another system. Which type of dependency is this?

Options are :

  • Offline local
  • Offline parent
  • Offline home
  • Offline remote

Answer : Offline local

An administrator needs to manually add a new resource type to a running cluster. What should the administrator do after installing the agent software on each Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) node?

Options are :

  • Stop and restart VCS so that the new resource type is recognized as valid
  • Generate the appropriate hatype commands with hacf -addtype
  • Use the hares command to add the new resource type to the cluster
  • Use the hatype command to add the new resource type

Answer : Use the hatype command to add the new resource type

250-271 Administration Symantec Net Backup 7.5 for Unix Exam Set 12

The postoffline trigger is enabled for the websg service group for all cluster nodes, and the trigger location has been configured for the default location. Two separate trigger action executables named T1action1 and T2action2 are to be configured. Where will Veritas Cluster Server look for the two trigger executables?

Options are :

  • $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers/postoffline/T1action1 $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers/postoffline/T2action2
  • $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers/websg/T1action1 $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers/websg/T1action2
  • $VCS_HOME/bin/websg/postoffline/T1action1 $VCS_HOME/bin/websg/postoffline/T2action2
  • $VCS_HOME/bin/postoffline/T1action1 $VCS_HOME/bin/postoffline/T2action2

Answer : $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers/postoffline/T1action1 $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers/postoffline/T2action2

Which delimiter is unacceptable in Exact Data Matching (EDM) data sources?

Options are :

  • Comma(,)
  • Slash (/)
  • Tab
  • Pipe (I)

Answer : Slash (/)

An administrator is adding a node to a running cluster. The administrator has successfully installed Veritas Cluster Server and has configured and started LLT. Which command will allow the new node to start communicating with the cluster?

Options are :

  • hastart -force
  • gabconfig -c
  • sh /etc/gabconfig
  • hastart

Answer : gabconfig -c

ST0-135 Symantec Network Access Controls Technical Exam Set 2

 A system administrator examines the results of a completed scan. Which information is available on a scan listing on the Discover Targets page? (Select three.)

A. User who initiated the scan

B. Elapsed time and total time for each scan

C. Number of items scanned

D. Number of items changed since the previous scan

E. File structure and location

F. Errors encountered

Options are :

  • B,C,F
  • E,A,D
  • D,A,C
  • F,D,A
  • C,D,E
  • A,F,B

Answer : B,C,F

The service group named websg is currently online on the sym3 node. All other nodes arerunning. Consider the following partial definition:Group websg (SystemList = { sym1=0, sym2=1, sym3=2 }AutoStartList = {sym2, sym3 }FailOverPolicy = Priority)The operator incorrectly shuts down a critical resource in the websg service group outside of Veritas Cluster Server.Based on the information provided, what will happen to the websg service group?

Options are :

  • It will switch to the sym2 node.
  • It will remain partially online on the sym3 node.
  • It will restart on sym3 node.
  • It will switch to the sym1 node.

Answer : It will switch to the sym1 node.

Which Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) utility is used to verify a configuration file and can also be used by the VCS engine to load a configuration file at runtime?

Options are :

  • haverify
  • haclus
  • hacf
  • haconf

Answer : haconf

ST0-095 ST0-095 Symantec Technical Foundations Security Exam Set 4

Which two items are required to replace a coordinator disk while the cluster is online? (Select two.)

A. Replace the LUN and create the disk as a Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) Disk

B. Replace the LUN and create the disk as a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Disk

C. Replace the LUN and create the disk as either a VxVM or LVM Disk

D. Run the installvcs -fencing command to replace the removed LUNs

E. Run the vxfenadm command to replace the removed LUNs

Options are :

  • B,E
  • C,A
  • E,C
  • A,D
  • D,C

Answer : A,D

In which two cases will the agent status remain green (good) on the Agent Events page? (Select two.)

A. The agent closed the connection to the Endpoint Server.

B. The Endpoint Server detected that the connection with the agent was lost.

C. There was agent or server authentication failure.

D. The agent is unable to restore a database file.

E. There was an agent service shutdown during machine shutdown.

Options are :

  • E,D
  • A,D
  • C,B
  • A,E
  • D,E

Answer : A,E

A two node cluster is being brought online, but one node is unable to boot. Which command is run to manually seed GAB?

Options are :

  • lltconfig -n2
  • gabconfig -x
  • gabconfig -n2
  • lltconfig -x

Answer : gabconfig -x

250-352 Administration of Storage Foundation Practice Exam Set 6

Where are configured Veritas Cluster Server triggers found using $VCS_HOME as the main Veritas Cluster Server directory?

Options are :

  • $VCS_HOME/bin
  • $VCS_HOME/triggers
  • $VCS_HOME/bin/triggers

Answer : $VCS_HOME

An installed cluster has been licensed with the keyless licensing option. The administrator has yet to configure the cluster to be managed by Veritas Operations Manager (VOM). What will happen when 60 days have passed since installation?

Options are :

  • The cluster will shut down.
  • The cluster will cease to respond if a resource faults.
  • The cluster will ignore licensing.
  • The cluster will log messages related to licensing.

Answer : The cluster will log messages related to licensing.

An administrator is merging two Veritas clusters that are already configured and running. The two clusters are already sharing private interconnect networks. Which directive in the /etc/llttab file must be updated?

Options are :

  • Set-node
  • Set-mode
  • Set-system
  • Set-cluster

Answer : Set-cluster

ST0-91W ST0-91W Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows Exam Set 1

Consider the following configuration:group websg (SystemList = { sym1 = 1, sym2 = 2 }AutoStartList = { sym1 }Frozen = 1)While websg is online, all of the systems in the cluster are rebooted simultaneously. All of the systems finish booting and successfully join the cluster.What will happen to the websg service group?

Options are :

  • It will unfreeze on reboot and start on sym1.
  • It will remain offline on all systems.
  • It will resume its state before the reboot.
  • It will start on sym1 in a frozen state.

Answer : It will remain offline on all systems.

The websg service group is online on node sym1. The dbsg service group is online on node sym2. No fencing is configured. One of the two heartbeat links has been down for 30 minutes. The cable is unplugged from the last working heartbeat link. What will happen to the dbsg service group?

Options are :

  • It will go to a FAULTED state.
  • It will also start on sym1.
  • It will remain on sym2.
  • It will migrate to sym1.

Answer : It will remain on sym2.

Which relational database management system (RDBMS) does Symantec Data Loss Prevention 9.0 support?

Options are :

  • IBM
  • Sybase
  • Oracle
  • My SQL

Answer : Oracle

ST0-237 Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12 Technical Test Set 9

Which Veritas Cluster Server command is used to override static resource type attribute values for a specific resource?

Options are :

  • hasclus
  • hares
  • hagrp
  • hatype

Answer : hares

Which two are default behaviors of Veritas Cluster Server service groups? (Select two.)

A. Migrate service groups from a system on intentional system shutdown

B. Start the service groups in lexical order

C. AutoDisable the service groups on cluster startup

D. AutoDisable the service groups on a system when all low priority links fail

E. Start the service groups in the order of the attribute SystemList

Options are :

  • E,A
  • C,D
  • B,C
  • A,C
  • E,B

Answer : A,C

What is an advantage of using a Dashboard report?

Options are :

  • They can be used as work queues for incident responders.
  • Incident reponders can execute Smart Responses from them.
  • They allow incidents to be viewed across multiple products.
  • Incident responders can see the history of each incident.

Answer : They allow incidents to be viewed across multiple products.

ST0-247 Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Certifate Exam Set 7

Which Network Discover option is used to determine whether confidential data exists without having to scan the entire target?

Options are :

  • Inventory Mode Scanning
  • File Throttling
  • Byte Throttling
  • Exclude Filtering

Answer : Inventory Mode Scanning

Which type of installation requires the most additional memory on the Enforce Server machine to host multiple server instances?

Options are :

  • Three-tier
  • Stand-alone
  • Single-tier
  • Two-tier

Answer : Single-tier

System capacity and service group load are the main components for which FailOverPolicy?

Options are :

  • Order
  • Limit
  • Load
  • Capacity

Answer : Load

ST0-248 Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 UNIX Technical Exam Set 9

When making offline configuration changes, which command should be run to ensure the file has the correct syntax?

Options are :

  • haconf –verify
  • haclus –verify
  • hagrp –verify
  • hacf –verify

Answer : hacf –verify

What is a characteristic of the Veritas Cluster Server communication stack?

Options are :

  • Agents communicate resource status information with HAD.
  • The HAD processes propagates information to other nodes by way of agents.
  • Agents can communicate with each other directly over GAB.
  • LLT determines cluster membership by monitoring heartbeats over GAB.

Answer : Agents communicate resource status information with HAD.

Which command allows the administrator to leave services currently under Veritas Cluster Server control in a running state while performing configuration changes?

Options are :

  • hastop -all -evacuate
  • haconf -all -force
  • haconf -all -evacuate
  • hastop -all -force

Answer : hastop -all -force

250-254 Administration of Symantec Cluster Server 6.1UN Exam Set 7

What should a system administrator do to stop a detection server?

Options are :

  • Access the Server Detail page and select "Stop"
  • Access the Enforce Server Detail page and select "Done"
  • Access a command prompt and enter the command "net stop service Vontu Monitor"
  • Access the services panel and stop the VontuMonitorController service

Answer : Access the Server Detail page and select "Stop"

An administrator is configuring a websg service group and a dbsg service group. The administrator needs to configure Veritas Cluster Server so websg will only come online if dbsg is online somewhere in the cluster. If dbsg faults, websg should stay online. If dbsg is unable to fail over, the websg should stay online. Which type of service group dependency does this require?

Options are :

  • Online global soft
  • Online local soft
  • Online local firm
  • Online global firm

Answer : Online global soft

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