250-400 Administration of Altiris Client Management Suite Set 6

From Which source does Software Discovery gather information?

Options are :

  • baseline Information
  • Software Catalog
  • Add or Remove Program Listing
  • standard file inventory

Answer : Add or Remove Program Listing

ST0-247 Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Test Set 7

When configuring the Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis policy. The option allows computerscurrently running the Software Update Agent to return information on collected inventory rules?

Options are :

  • Send Inventory Summary
  • Inventory Results
  • Microsoft Vulnerability Summary
  • Report Results

Answer : Send Inventory Summary

Which DHCP option is used in PXE communications?

Options are :

  • Option 06
  • Option 76
  • Option 60
  • Option 67

Answer : Option 60

Which two options can be selected when using the Remote Agent Installer for DeploymentSolution 6.9 SP1? (Select two.)A. UseAClient instead of DAgent on older OS computers (XP and 2003)B. UseDAgent instead of AClient on older OS computers (XP and 2003)C. UseAltifls Agent instead of DAgentD. Enable use ofSiDgen and/or Microsoft SysprepE. Disable use ofSiDgen and/or Microsoft Sysprep

Options are :

  • B,A
  • A,C
  • C,A
  • A,D

Answer : A,D

ST0-247 Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Test Set 9

A logged-in user must be assigned to Which group to be able to collect inventory for a stand-alonepackage?

Options are :

  • system administrators
  • local users
  • local administrators
  • domain users

Answer : local administrators

Which statement describes a pre-requisite for running a targeted software inventory?

Options are :

  • Detailed file inventory must identity resources with missing information.
  • Each application must be defined in the Software Catalog.
  • A full. non-delta inventory must be run.
  • Inventory Task Software Rules must be defined.

Answer : Each application must be defined in the Software Catalog.

Which Inventory Solution component should be used to perform a one-time action on the end-usermachine?

Options are :

  • Inventory Solution tasks
  • Inventory Solution policies
  • Inventory Solution reports
  • Inventory Solution filter

Answer : Inventory Solution tasks

ST0-248 Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 UNIX Technical Exam Set 3

Which Patch Management rule must run before replicating Patch Management data?

Options are :

  • Software Distribution Replication
  • Data Import Replication
  • VulnerabilityAlerting
  • Language Alerting

Answer : Language Alerting

Which Patch Management replication rule must be run on a child Notification Server beforeenabling any other Patch Management rules?

Options are :

  • Import Data Replication for Microsoft
  • Language Alerting
  • Software Package and CommandUne
  • Software Distribution Replication for Microsoft

Answer : Language Alerting

Which version of Microsoft SQL Server does Symantec recommend be used to obtain optimalperformance in Deployment Solution 7?

Options are :

  • SQL Server 2003
  • SQL Server Express 2008
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server Express 2005

Answer : SQL Server 2003

ST0-91W ST0-91W Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows Exam Set 9

Which two agent plug-ins are made available by installing Inventory Solution 7.0? (Select two.)A. Inventory Rule Agent plug-inB. Application Metering Agent plug-inC. Client Task Agent plug-inD. Inventory Agent plug-inE. Software Update Agent plug-in

Options are :

  • B,A
  • A,B
  • A,C
  • B,D

Answer : B,D

Which scripting language is available to create a Custom Inventory task for Windows clients?

Options are :

  • Shell script
  • PowerShell
  • j++
  • C++

Answer : PowerShell

When managing software resources with tasks and policies, which two installation types require adefault command line? (Select two.)

A. installB. updateC. repairD. quietE. password

Options are :

  • C,A
  • B,A
  • A,B
  • A,C

Answer : A,C

ST0-135 Symantec Network Access Controls Technical Exam Set 3

An administrator is in the process of installing Deployment Solution 69 SP1 Before exiting meinstallation program, but after Deployment Solution has been installed, Which two optionalfeatures can be Installed? (Select two.)A. Altiris Software Virtualization SolutionB. Deployment Agents for Windows 2000 or later onlyC. Enable MicrosoftSysprep supportD. pcAnt1ereE. Ghost Solution Suite

Options are :

  • B,C
  • A,B
  • C,A
  • B,C

Answer : B,C

Where can a version of Windows PE 2.1 be downloaded that is compatible with DeploymentSolution 6.9 SP1?

Options are :

  • fromAitiris as a special installer package
  • from within me Boot Disk Creator
  • from Microsoft as a free download
  • from Microsoft as a licensed package

Answer : fromAitiris as a special installer package

An administrator is upgrading to Client Management Suite (CMS) 7.D. Altiris Notification ServerMigration 'Mzard is used to import inventory data collected from the previous Notification Server6.0 erMronment into the CMS 7.0 environment, After completing me migration. vaflous reports andorganizational 4ews were accessed to validate me import The imported computers were not foundWhich process will make It possible to Immediately view the newly imported data?

Options are :

  • update configuration on the client computers
  • run a detailed file Inventory on the newly Imported computers
  • enable the Inventory Agent plug-in
  • perform a Resource Membership update In tire console

Answer : perform a Resource Membership update In tire console

250-371 Administration Symantec Net Backup 7.5 Windows Exam Set 1

Which default Standard Inventory policy is enabled to run when Inventory Solution is firstinstalled?

Options are :

  • Collect Basic Inventory
  • Collect Hardware Inventory
  • Collect Custom Inventory
  • Collect Full Inventory

Answer : Collect Full Inventory

Inventory Solution uses Which two plug-ins to gather and monitor application-related data? (Selecttwo.)A. Inventory Rule Agent plug-inB. Altiris Inventory Agent plug-inC. Software Management Framework Agent plug-inD. Altiris Application Metering Agent plug-inE. Altiris Client Task Agent plug-in

Options are :

  • A,C
  • B,A
  • A,B
  • B,D

Answer : B,D

A custom inventory was created and tested on a single client computer.How can the test results be verified?

Options are :

  • view the data class in the Resource Manager
  • validate that the custom inventory NSE file was processed
  • view the log files on the client computer
  • run the default Custom Inventory Report

Answer : view the data class in the Resource Manager

ST0-247 Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Exam Set 1

What is the Symantec recommended method for installing Inventory and Application Meteringplugins?

Options are :

  • deploy the plug-in byway of a Domain Group policylrom the Symantec Management Console
  • deploy me Client Task Update Agent from the Symantec Management Console
  • enable the Inventory and Application Metering Management features when installing Inventory Solution
  • select the plug-ins as features to roll out in the Symantec Management Console

Answer : select the plug-ins as features to roll out in the Symantec Management Console

Which option allows images outside the Deployment Share to be referenced without warnings?

Options are :

  • Disable image path reference
  • Disable Image path validation
  • Disable Image share execution
  • Disable image path warning

Answer : Disable Image path validation

Which components are included in the Software Catalog?

Options are :

  • release, dependency, update
  • service pack, update,hotfix
  • release, service pack, update
  • supersede, dependency, conflict

Answer : release, service pack, update

ST0-91W ST0-91W Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows Exam Set 6

Which two command line types are available In a software entry within the Software Catalog?(Select two.)A. InstallationB. ExamineC. RepairD. AnaFyzeE. DelPier

Options are :

  • C,A
  • A,C
  • A,B
  • B,A

Answer : A,C

Where is the software resource for the Software Virtualization Agent located to deploy it to clientcomputers?

Options are :

  • Software Catalog
  • Software Update Settings
  • Software Delivery Settings
  • Software Management policy

Answer : Software Catalog

Which report will provide application usage by computer?

Options are :

  • Targeted Software
  • Application Metering
  • Software Delivery
  • Custom Inventory

Answer : Software Delivery

ST0-135 Symantec Network Access Control 12.1 Technical Asses Set 6

What are three services that use the account that installed the Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1database? (Select three.)A. Altiris Notification Server ServiceB. Aitiris express ServerC. Altiris Deployment Server Console ManagerD. Altiris PXE ManagerE. SQL Server (MSSQLSER'dER)

Options are :

  • C,A,B
  • A,B,C
  • B,C,D
  • B,A,D

Answer : B,C,D

What is a prerequisite to perform an agentless inventory on an unmanaged network device?

Options are :

  • the device must be discovered using Network Discovery
  • the device must be updated to support lPv6
  • theAltiris Inventory Agent must be installed on the device
  • devices must be moved into a single virtual subnet

Answer : devices must be moved into a single virtual subnet

Management wants to monitor application metering denial events They have configuredapplication metering to deny me use of games, including solexe They have also configuredapplication meeting to send summary data every five minutes for testing purposes. After enablingthis may tested and verified mat 501 cxc was denied Fifteen minutes later, they ran me DenialEvents by Application Report and found mat sol cxc was not being reported as hang been deniedWhy would the Denial Events by Application Report Include no results for 501 cxc after verifyingthat It was denied'

Options are :

  • Dental events are only recorded in me client log files.
  • The Denial Events by Application Report Is a summary report only.
  • By default, denial events are only sent once a week, regardless ofomer settings
  • A scheduled task must run overnight to updatemis information In the CMDB

Answer : By default, denial events are only sent once a week, regardless ofomer settings

ST0-248 Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 UNIX Technical Exam Set 4

Which file information is available prior to running a Detailed File Inventory task?

Options are :

  • manufacturer name
  • internal name
  • version number
  • file size

Answer : file size

Which Deployment Solution remote management agent can be installed and used in a non-Windows operating system?

Options are :

  • AoLagent
  • AClient
  • LXagent
  • DAgent

Answer : AoLagent

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