250-352 Administration of Storage Foundation and HA 6.0 Test Set 8

Which benefit specific to Campus clusters does Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Windowsoffer?

Options are :

  • storage live migration
  • replicated data
  • extended attributes
  • site aware allocation

Answer : site aware allocation

ST0-247 Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Test Set 9

To prevent unauthorized access to recovery points when stored on a network share, what shouldbe enabled in the job definition?

Options are :

  • Granular Restore Option (GRO)
  • AES encryption
  • LightsOut Option
  • hardware encryption

Answer : AES encryption

How many Microsoft SQL Server instances can a single SQL Server resource manage?

Options are :

  • 16
  • 1
  • 32
  • 8

Answer : 1

A disk in a disk group is flagged with an exclamation point in a yellow triangle.How should the administrator clear the flag?

Options are :

  • reactivate the volume
  • perform a rescan
  • refresh the disk
  • reactivate the disk

Answer : reactivate the disk

ST0-237 Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12 Technical Test Set 6

An administrator has been tasked with setting up a cluster so that a failing service would takeadvantage of the system running the least number of active service groups.Which failover policy should the administrator select?

Options are :

  • Load
  • Priority
  • Weighted
  • RoundRobin

Answer : RoundRobin

Where can Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) users acquire credentials for secure communicationsbetween cluster nodes?

Options are :

  • LDAP authentication
  • Authentication broker
  • VCS SSL broker
  • Active Directory

Answer : Authentication broker

Which feature allows for the downloading of software updates that are associated with a user'sversion of the product over the Internet?

Options are :

  • LiveUpdate
  • Symantec ThreatCon
  • Backup Exec Retrieve
  • Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Manager 8.5

Answer : LiveUpdate

ST0-248 Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 UNIX Technical Exam Set 8

A system administrator would like to verify whether a recent virus on their network exists in animage before restoring.What is the recommended method to make the files available for a virus scan to check for this?

Options are :

  • restore the image to the machine, then run a virus scan
  • mount the image in Windows and run a virus scan
  • use Google Desktop to access files
  • restore files to an isolated directory using Recovery Point Browser

Answer : mount the image in Windows and run a virus scan

What does it mean when the system has left the cluster unexpectedly?

Options are :

  • The system exited.
  • The system is unknown.
  • The system faulted.
  • The system is leaving.

Answer : The system faulted.

Which two statements are true about the Veritas Cluster Server Simulator? (Select two.)A. It must use the production main.cf file.B. It can use a copy of the production main.cf file.C. It can simulate system failures.D. It can simulate heartbeat failures.E. It can manage a running cluster.

Options are :

  • B,C
  • A,C
  • D,A
  • C,A

Answer : B,C

ST0-91W Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows (STS) Test Set 4

Which log file should be checked to determine why an IP resource faulted?

Options are :

  • hacf-err_A.txt
  • IP_ipm_A.txt
  • hacf-log_A.txt
  • IP_A.txt

Answer : IP_A.txt

There is a business requirement to alert a help desk whenever any event affecting an applicationor the cluster occurs in a Veritas Cluster Server cluster.What is necessary to implement in the high availability design?

Options are :

  • configuration of the Veritas Cluster Server notifier agent
  • read-only GUI access for the help desk
  • a written series of custom triggers
  • configuration of the AlertMonitor agent

Answer : configuration of the Veritas Cluster Server notifier agent

Which statement describes a valid notifier configuration?

Options are :

  • SMTP or SNMP can be configured for each event type, regardless of the severity.
  • Events can trigger either SNMP or SMTP notices, but NOT both.
  • SNMP notices can be configured only for events of type Error and SevereError.
  • SMTP can only be used for Information and Warning events.

Answer : SMTP or SNMP can be configured for each event type, regardless of the severity.

ST0-91W Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows (STS) Test Set 3

An administrator created three servers with the AutoStartPolicy set to Load.Which system attribute quantifies the available System Load?

Options are :

  • AvailableCapacity
  • Load
  • SystemLoad
  • Capacity

Answer : AvailableCapacity

When viewing the backup status of a computer in Symantec Backup Exec System RecoveryManager 8.5, which three backup reporting statuses can a user view for the selected drives?(Select three.)A. Full Status ReportingB. Drive Status ReportingC. Group Status ReportingD. Errors Only Status ReportingE. No Status Reporting

Options are :

  • D,C,A
  • A,C,D
  • D,B,A
  • A,D,E

Answer : A,D,E

Which utility is used to obtain a full set of logs to send to support?

Options are :

  • VRTSexplorer
  • hagetcf
  • VxExplorer
  • Configuration Checker

Answer : VxExplorer

ST0-135 Symantec Network Access Control 12.1 Technical Asses Set 2

What is the default SCSI protocol setting in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows when aMicrosoft Failover cluster is installed in a Windows Server 2008?

Options are :

  • SCSI-3
  • SCSI-1
  • iSCSI
  • SCSI-2

Answer : SCSI-3

Which two drive types can be used as the destination drive in the Copy My Hard Drive Wizard?(Select two.)A. SATA attached hard driveB. Share on a different Windows ServerC. Blu-ray DriveD. Network Attached StorageE. USB attached hard drive

Options are :

  • D,C
  • A,E
  • D,A
  • A,C

Answer : A,E

How many systems in the cluster can the NotifierMngr run on at one time?

Options are :

  • 4
  • 1
  • 6
  • 2

Answer : 1

ST0-237 Symantec Loss Prevention Technical Practice Exam Set 8

A PostOnline trigger is being tested on a three-system cluster with systems named SystemA,SystemB, and SystemC. The trigger works on SystemA, but it fails to run on SystemB andSystemC.What is a possible reason for the failure?

Options are :

  • The hatrigger script must be run on all systems to enable the PostOnline trigger.
  • The PostOnline attribute is set to False on SystemB and SystemC.
  • The PostOnline trigger is missing from SystemB and SystemC.
  • The Veritas Cluster Server engine had an error while replicating the trigger to SystemB and SystemC.

Answer : The PostOnline trigger is missing from SystemB and SystemC.

For which type of license is it possible to add or remove license keys?

Options are :

  • keyless license key
  • trial license key
  • slf license key
  • user entered license key

Answer : user entered license key

ST0-085 Symantec Security Information Manage Technical Exam Set 3

What are two benefits of FlashSnap offhost processing tasks? (Select two.)A. They increase performance by enabling fast resynch logging.B. They increase performance by enabling caching on dynamic volumes.C. They provide a realistic basis for testing new applications.D. They recover a database more quickly than by full restoration from backup media.E. They decrease the amount of disk space required for decision support analysis.

Options are :

  • A,D
  • B,D
  • C,A
  • C,D

Answer : C,D

Which two system configuration items must be verified for Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)compatibility? (Select two.)A. the processors are 32 bitB. the number of NICs on each systemC. the amount of memory on each systemD. the number of processors on each systemE. the number of HBAs

Options are :

  • C,A
  • D,A
  • B,C
  • A,C

Answer : B,C

Which wizard is used to move data or volumes to disks that have improved performance?

Options are :

  • Data Migration Wizard
  • Volume Migration Wizard
  • Disk Migration Wizard
  • Storage Migration Wizard

Answer : Storage Migration Wizard

ST0-237 Symantec Loss Prevention Technical Practice Exam Set 2

What are three of the main components of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5? (Selectthree.)A. consoleB. deployment toolsC. System Recovery DiskD. agentE. conversion utility

Options are :

  • A,C,D
  • B,C,D
  • A,C,B
  • B,C,A

Answer : A,C,D

Which three formats can Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Manager 8.5 reports beexported to? (Select three.)A. .htmlB. .xmlC. .xlsD. .docE. .rtf

Options are :

  • C,B,A
  • C,B,A
  • A,B,C
  • A,D,A

Answer : A,B,C

Which option must be checked in order to allow Google Desktop to search a recovery point?

Options are :

  • Index Recovery Point
  • Index File System
  • Enable Search Engine Support
  • Verify Recovery Point After Creation

Answer : Enable Search Engine Support

ST0-91W ST0-91W Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows Exam Set 6

Which command should an administrator run on a single node cluster in order to leave theapplication running without affecting user access?

Options are :

  • hastop -all
  • hastop -system -force
  • hastop -local -force
  • hastop -force

Answer : hastop -local -force

What are the two site-based allocations for the site-aware allocation feature? (Select two.)A. Site-separated allocationB. Site-based allocationC. Site-specific allocationD. Site-confined allocationE. Site-campus allocation

Options are :

  • A,D
  • D,C
  • D,E
  • A,B

Answer : A,D

A computer is almost out of disk space; therefore, the system administrator needs to move thatdata to another larger disk on that computer.Which tool in Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5 allows the system administrator toaccomplish this?

Options are :

  • Copy My Hard Drive
  • Resize My Hard Drive
  • Migrate My Hard Drive
  • Export My Hard Drive

Answer : Copy My Hard Drive

ST0-135 Symantec Network Access Control 12.1 Technical Asses Set 2

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