Image SEO for ranking in Google

As the saying goes A picture is worth a thousand words, that is not only true with paintings but also with websites/blogs. Most of the readers of your blog will end their quest as soon as they get what information they are looking for.

You can convey the message quicker to the reader if you provide the image, and these images should give a clear idea about what your blog post trying to convey. The image could be any one of the below things.

  • Flowcharts
  • Image with details
  • Charts/Graphs
  • Infographics

Whenever there is an image then you need to put the image in a better way. You will learn what are the things to follow when you want to place an image in your blog.

Images in the eyes of Google / Search Engine

When you search a query in Google you may see images in the front row. For example: When I search for SEO on google it only provides the website result but also images result (the position of the images may change as google constantly experiment on positions of images).

Other than All results, Google also has a dedicated tab for Images alone as see you can in the image. Not just google every search engine has some priority for webpages which has images.


The webpages with images tend to attract more people than just plain webpages. Also, it is easier to get ranking on the webpage.

New google snippet with images:

Recently Google has introduced snippets in the search results, these snippets will have lists, tables, headers, and images. The below image is one of the examples where google fetches an image related to a post.

Now users can click either on snippet link or on the images, so snippets provide an extra chance for the images to get a click.

Snippets in search results showcases related image


You are so wrong if you think that the blogpost results in the snippet, so google picked the image from the blog.

Snippet and Snippet image from different blogs:

In the below images, I have searched for some query in Google and Google have come up with this result. In the below images, snippet and snippet images are from different websites, so this image's website could be on the 4th page of google or even far.


If you are not convinced that images are not important then you should go the google console and click the Search type, there you can find the category as image. I hope you can understand the importance of images in Search Engine optimization.


Now lets improve our image ranking using the SEO tactics for images.

Image Seo:

Feature Image:

Should we need images:

Types of Image Files

what should images have as content:

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