Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 7

A data series to be rendered as connected points in a Visualforce chart. At a minimum you must specify the fields in the data collection to use as X and Y values for each point, as well as the X and Y axes to scale against.Note: This component must be enclosed within an <apex:chart> component. You can have multiple <apex:barSeries> and <apex:lineSeries> components in a single chart.

Options are :

  • apex:lineSeries (Correct)
  • apex:pageblockSection
  • apex:inputHidden
  • apex:inputSecret

Answer : apex:lineSeries

What are access modifiers used to implement? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Class, trigger
  • Traditional for loops
  • Encapsulation principles (Correct)
  • Static and final

Answer : Encapsulation principles

If you use a standard controller on a page and the user doesn't have access to the object, the page will...

Options are :

  • Redirect the user to their home page.
  • Throw an ACCESS_VIOLATION exception.
  • Display an insufficient privileges error message. (Correct)
  • Ask the user if they would like to upgrade permissions in order to view the object.
  • None of the above
  • Write an ACCESS_VIOLATION message to the debug log.

Answer : Display an insufficient privileges error message.

What does each email service have for which users can send messages? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Apex process classes
  • Code contained in a trigger
  • Schema Explorer
  • Salesforce-generated email address (Correct)

Answer : Salesforce-generated email address

To aid ___________, each Visualforce page and custom component is saved with version settings for the specified version of the API as well as the specific version of Visualforce.

Options are :

  • Apex testing
  • backwards-compatibility (Correct)
  • portal development
  • exception handling
  • None of these
  • bytecode compiles

Answer : backwards-compatibility

How can the default profile under which Webservices execute be changed? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • constructor
  • Webservice
  • SOQL statements
  • with sharing keyword (Correct)

Answer : with sharing keyword

Which standard profile has the "View Encrypted Data" permission by default?

Options are :

  • Solution Manager Profile
  • Standard User Profile
  • System Administrator Profile (Correct)
  • No profile has the permission active by default

Answer : System Administrator Profile

A component that adds AJAX support to another component, allowing the component to be refreshed asynchronously by the server when a particular event occurs, such as a button click or mouseover. See also: <apex:actionFunction>.

Options are :

  • apex:attribute
  • apex:form
  • apex:page
  • apex:actionSupport (Correct)

Answer : apex:actionSupport

This integration resource provides generic access to any organization, and exposes standard objects and fields through the SOAP interface.

Options are :

  • Custom WSDL
  • Portal WSDL
  • System WSDL
  • Enterprise WSDL
  • None of the above
  • Partner WSDL (Correct)

Answer : Partner WSDL

What datatype is used for standard or custom objects that store record data? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • System
  • sObject (Correct)
  • Global

Answer : sObject

A single column in a table. An <apex:column> component must always be a child of an <apex:dataTable> or  lt;apex:pageBlockTable> component. Note that if you specify an sObject field as the value attribute for an <apex:column>, the associated label for that field is used as the column header by default. To override this behavior, use the headerValue attribute on the column, or the column's header facet.

Options are :

  • apex:column (Correct)
  • apex:insert
  • apex:inputField
  • apex:inputText

Answer : apex:column

What does Apex use to record disruptions in code execution?

Options are :

  • Webservice
  • @ReadOnly
  • Exceptions (Correct)
  • Catch

Answer : Exceptions

Which keywords should u specify to define a constant?   

? static and exception

? static and final

? static and private

? exception and final(No Answer)

Options are :

  • SOQL statements
  • Multi-tenant
  • static and final (Correct)
  • Setup menu

Answer : static and final

Which statement is true about an Apex class?

? A class cannot be disabled for profiles.

? An inner class can be nested at multiple levels.

? Static methods can only be declared in a top-level class definition.

? The default access modifier for methods in a class is public.

Options are :

  • Utilize the String.escapeSingleQuotes(string) method
  • Static methods can only be declared in a top-level class definition. (Correct)
  • HTTP class, HTTPRequesL class, HTTPRsponse class
  • Database class method

Answer : Static methods can only be declared in a top-level class definition.

Users X and Y need to see the same candidate record. For security reasons, user Y should NOT be able to view and report on the Email Address field on the record. How would a developer meet this requirement?

Options are :

  • Use field-level security to make the email address visible to user X but not user Y (Correct)
  • Use a custom Visualforce page to make the email address visible to user X but not user Y
  • use page layouts to make the email address visible to user X but not user Y
  • Use a sharing rule to make the email address only visible to user X

Answer : Use field-level security to make the email address visible to user X but not user Y

In a bug tracking application. Universal Containers has created a time-based workflow action that will execute 30 days after a Bug record is created. The developer would like to test to make sure that rule is working the way that it should. Which feature is available for testing? Choose 2 answers

Options are :

  • Activity History related list
  • Bug History related list
  • A,D (Correct)
  • Time-based workflow queue
  • Debug Log

Answer : A,D

Objects of this Apex class allow developers to create list controllers similar to, or as extensions of, the pre-built Visualforce list controllers provided by Salesforce.

Options are :

  • VisualforceControllerClass
  • VisualforceSetController Class
  • StandardController Class
  • StandardSetController Class (Correct)
  • None of the above
  • Controller Class

Answer : StandardSetController Class

A/an _____________ is a class written in Apex that adds to or overrides behavior in a standard or custom controller.

Options are :

  • None of these
  • Extended Controller (Correct)
  • Apex extension
  • Custom component
  • Controller extension
  • Component extension

Answer : Extended Controller

What determines how the email service responds when an attempt to access the email service fails? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Queues, time triggers
  • Failure response settings (Correct)
  • Apex classes

Answer : Failure response settings

Hiring managers at Universal Containers would like a visual mechanism for determining  review score outliers. Review scores are captured as a custom field on a custom Review  object and can range from l to 10. Any review score that is > 8 should be highlighted in green.  Any review score that is < 4 should be highlighted In red. How would a developer accomplish this?

Options are :

  • Use matrix reports
  • Use conditional highlighting (Correct)
  • Use custom summary formulas
  • Use charts

Answer : Use conditional highlighting

What does Apex provide to support programmatic control of the workflow? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Apex process classes (Correct)
  • Apex classes
  • Through class itself
  • Map, List, Set

Answer : Apex process classes

A component that provides support for invoking controller action methods directly from JavaScript code using an AJAX request. An <apex:actionFunction> component must be a child of an <apex:form> component.

Options are :

  • apex:messages
  • apex:actionFunction (Correct)
  • apex:insert
  • apex:outputField

Answer : apex:actionFunction

Positions is a custom object in a recruiting application built on the platform. Department is a field on the Position object. Which type of report should a developer create to show hiring managers the number of  positions grouped by department?

Options are :

  • Tabular
  • Pivot
  • Summary (Correct)
  • Reporting Snapshot

Answer : Summary

An HTML input element for a value that corresponds to a field on a Salesforce object. The <apex:inputField> component respects the attributes of the associated field, including whether the field is required or unique, and the user interface widget to display to get input from the user. For example, if the specified <apex:inputField> component is a date field, a calendar input widget is displayed. When used in an <apex:pageBlockSection>, <apex:inputField> tags always display with their corresponding output label. Note that if custom help is defined for the field in Setup, the field must be a child of an <apex:pageBlock> or <apex:pageBlockSectionItem>, and the Salesforce page header must be displayed for the custom help to appear on your Visualforce page. To override the display of custom help, use the <apex:inputField> in the body of an <apex:pageBlockSectionItem>. Consider the following when using JavaScript events with this tag: For lookup fields, mouse events fire on both the text box and graphic icon For multi-select picklists, all events fire, but the DOM ID is suffixed with _unselected for the left box, _selected for the right box, and _right_arrow and _left_arrow for the graphic icons For rich text areas, no events fire.

Options are :

  • apex:inputField (Correct)
  • apex:outputLabel
  • apex:pageBlockButtons
  • apex:define

Answer : apex:inputField

What components must be deployed manually to the production environment?

Options are :

  • Multi-tenant
  • Queues, time triggers (Correct)
  • Dates, Ids, Numbers
  • Constructor

Answer : Queues, time triggers

What must a developer consider when inserting records using an API-based tool? Choose  2 answers

Options are :

  • Apex triggers are ignored.
  • Invalidation rules are respected.
  • C,D (Correct)
  • Universally required field settings are respected.
  • Required fields on page layouts are enforced.

Answer : C,D

What code is the webservice keyword not allowed to be used? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • code contained in a trigger (Correct)
  • Class, trigger
  • Queues, time triggers
  • Implicit invocation

Answer : code contained in a trigger

How do you call Web Services from external sources? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • SOAP Web Service Callouts (Correct)
  • SOQL statements
  • SOQL for loops
  • Webservice

Answer : SOAP Web Service Callouts

What is a class? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Ajax toolkit, client program
  • Database class method
  • Apex, Visualforce, and APIs
  • A template from which objects are created (Correct)

Answer : A template from which objects are created

Objects of this Apex class reference the pre-built Visualforce controllers provided by

Options are :

  • VisualforceController Class
  • Controller Class
  • StandardSetController Class
  • None of the above
  • VisualforceSetController Class
  • StandardController Class (Correct)

Answer : StandardController Class

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