Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 5

The system method, System.runAs(), lets you write test methods that change user contexts to either an existing user or a new user.

Options are :

  • False
  • True (Correct)

Answer : True

Which form of dml operation allows execution to occur with subsequent records even if an error occurs with a single record? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Standalone, database class methods
  • Database class method (Correct)
  • Public class MyNewClass
  • Apex classes

Answer : Database class method

Salesforce DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer PracticeTest Set 6

An area of a page that includes content from a second template page. Template pages are Visualforce pages that include one or more <apex:insert> components. The <apex:composition> component names the associated template, and provides body for the template's <apex:insert> components with matching <apex:define> components. Any content outside of an <apex:composition> component is not rendered.

Options are :

  • apex:composition (Correct)
  • apex:pageblockSection
  • apex:lineSeries
  • apex:inputSecret

Answer : apex:composition

A set of content that is grouped together, rendered with an HTML <span> tag, <div> tag, or neither. Use an  <apex:outputPanel> to group components together for AJAX refreshes.

Options are :

  • apex:lineSeries
  • apex:outputPanel (Correct)
  • apex:chartTips
  • apex:includeScript

Answer : apex:outputPanel

Which developer tool can be used to create a data model? Choose 2 answers

Options are :

  • Schema Builder
  • IDE
  • Application Data Model Wizard
  • A.B (Correct)
  • Data Loader

Answer : A.B

Sales Force DEV-401 Building Applications with Force Test Set 8

A developer can use optional catch statements for any exception type in a try-catch block. However, the general exception type, 'Exception', must only be used by the last catch() block. EXAMPLE:try{  // Some risky code. catch(SomeExceptionType e){ // Handle one exception type. catch(SomeOtherExceptionType e){  // Handle another exception type. catch(Exception e){ // This must be the last catch block. ~|~ (Select all that apply)

Options are :

  • None of these
  • Focus solely on test coverage percentage score.
  • In the case of conditional logic (including ternary operators), execute each branch of code logic.
  • Complete successfully without throwing any exceptions, unless those errors are expected and caught in a try...catch block.
  • Only test code using the System Administrator profile.
  • Make calls to methods using both valid and invalid inputs.
  • A,B,E (Correct)

Answer : A,B,E

A link to a URL. This component is rendered in HTML as an anchor tag with an href  attribute. Like its HTML equivalent, the body of an <apex:outputLink> is the text or image that displays as the link. To add query string parameters to a link, use nested <apex:param> components.

Options are :

  • apex:outputLink (Correct)
  • apex:inputField
  • apex:lineSeries
  • apex:emailPublisher

Answer : apex:outputLink

By referring to a page in this way, the platform recognizes that this controller or controller  extension is dependent on the existence of the specified page and will prevent the page from being deleted while the controller or extension exists.

Options are :

  • False (Correct)
  • True

Answer : False

Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 1

Under what profile do Webservice methods execute by default?

Options are :

  • TRUE
  • No
  • System (Correct)

Answer : System

Which statement is TRUE about field-level security? Choose 2 answers

Options are :

  • It determines the values displayed in a visible picklist field.
  • It can be controlled at the record level.
  • A,B (Correct)
  • It Is enforced in the SOAP API.
  • It is specified for each profile.

Answer : A,B

A component that displays the status of an AJAX update request. An AJAX request can either be in progress or complete.

Options are :

  • apex:inputCheckbox
  • apex:dynamicComponent
  • apex:actionStatus (Correct)
  • apex:actionPoller

Answer : apex:actionStatus

Salesforce Admin Certification (CRT-101) Practice Tests Set 1

A link to a JavaScript library that can be used in the Visualforce page. When specified, this component injects a script reference into the head element of the generated HTML page. For performance reasons, you may simply want to use a JavaScript tag before your closing <apex:page> tag, rather than this component.

Options are :

  • apex:includeScript (Correct)
  • apex:component
  • apex:outputField
  • apex:attribute

Answer : apex:includeScript

In a recruiting application, all users should be able to see positions with a status of Open. If  the status is anything other than Open, the position should be visible only to the record owner. How would a developer accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

Options are :

  • Set the organization-wide default for positions to public read-only, then use a sharing rule to restrict access to closed positions. (Correct)
  • Set the organization-wide default for positions to private, allowing owners to use manual sharing to add or remove access as positions change status.
  • Specify view only access for open positions on users' profiles.
  • Set the organization-wide default for positions to private, then use a criteria-based sharing rule to automatically share open positions.

Answer : Set the organization-wide default for positions to public read-only, then use a sharing rule to restrict access to closed positions.

This Apex class allows developers to collect and display errors when building custom controllers or extensions.

Options are :

  • None of the above
  • Messaging Class
  • Exception Class
  • Message Class (Correct)
  • Debug Class
  • Validation Class

Answer : Message Class

Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 5

What is the default return type of a sosl statement?

Options are :

  • Apex process classes
  • Apex classes
  • List of List Objects (Correct)
  • SOQL for loops

Answer : List of List Objects

Universal Containers tracks Offers as an object in a recruiting application. Once an offer  has been accepted by a candidate, there must be a value in a currency field called Actual Salary. How would a developer meet this requirement?

Options are :

  • Create a field dependency between the Salary Amount and status of Accepted.
  • Create a validation rule to make sure that the Actual Salary is not null whenever an offer is accepted. (Correct)
  • Create a validation rule to make Actual Salary required each time the offer record is saved.
  • Create a workflow field update to set the property of the Actual Salary field to Required

Answer : Create a validation rule to make sure that the Actual Salary is not null whenever an offer is accepted.

Given a three tier model (UI layer, business logic layer, data layer), which feature of the platform is associated with the data layer? Choose 3 answers

Options are :

  • B,C,D (Correct)
  • Custom fields
  • Custom objects
  • Custom relationships
  • Custom applications
  • Custom tabs

Answer : B,C,D

Salesforce Administration - Certification (201) Questions Set 1

In a master-detail relationship, what happens to the child records if the parent record is deleted?

Options are :

  • Child records are not deleted.
  • Parent record deletion fails.
  • A subset of the child records is deleted.
  • Child records are deleted. (Correct)

Answer : Child records are deleted.

What can the IDE be used to create? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Apex, Visualforce, and APIs
  • Apex code, Visualforce pages, and controllers (Correct)
  • Record level access
  • Standalone, database class methods

Answer : Apex code, Visualforce pages, and controllers

What are all the datatypes that Salesforce supports?

Options are :

  • What are some RESTful service callout HTTP verbs?
  • How many loopback connections to Salesforce are allowed by callouts? (Correct)
  • What two ways can classes be created in salesforce?

Answer : How many loopback connections to Salesforce are allowed by callouts?

Salesforce Admin 301 Certification - Practice Paper Set 3

Although is a collection of records, when used as a bind variable in a SOQL  query, Apex automatically....

Options are :

  • Transforms the list of records into a list of corresponding Ids. (Correct)
  • Transforms the SOQL to an in-place SOSL query and returns the FIND results.
  • Passes the collection to the query, as long as the calling class implements the Trigger.QueryBind class.
  • Truncates the collection so that only the Id and Name fields.
  • Throws a DMLException with the ILLEGAL_QUERY status.
  • None of these

Answer : Transforms the list of records into a list of corresponding Ids.

This Apex class offers Ideas-specific functionality in addition to what is provided by the StandardController class.

Options are :

  • IdeaStandardController Class (Correct)
  • IdeaStandard Class
  • StandardIdeasController Class
  • IdeaCustomController Class
  • StandardControllerIdeas Class
  • None of the above

Answer : IdeaStandardController Class

The Log a Call publisher lets support agents who use Case Feed create logs for customer calls. This component can only be used in organizations that have Case Feed, Chatter, and feed tracking on cases enabled.

Options are :

  • apex:iframe
  • apex:logCallPublisher (Correct)
  • apex:inputHidden
  • apex:chartLabel

Answer : apex:logCallPublisher

Sales Force DEV-501 Certified Force Advanced Developer Test Set 5

Which environments can developers write code? (Select all that apply.)  ? Developer edition production org  ? Enterprise edition production org ? Enterprise edition sandbox org ? Professional edition sandbox org

Options are :

  • Apex code, Visualforce pages, and controllers
  • Developer edition production org, Enterprise edition sandbox org (Correct)
  • Encapsulation principles
  • Salesforce-generated email address

Answer : Developer edition production org, Enterprise edition sandbox org

The __________ of a Visualforce page is composed of all the data that's necessary to maintain the state of the controller during server requests (like sending or receiving data).

Options are :

  • View State (Correct)
  • Cookie Collection
  • Page Header
  • None of these
  • Page Memory
  • State Settings

Answer : View State

Which trigger context variable allows you to modify field values before they are written to the database in the before trigger? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • (Correct)
  • TRUE
  • @ReadOnly
  • Trigger.old

Answer :

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant Certification PracticeTest Set 7

A graphic image, rendered with the HTML <img> tag.

Options are :

  • apex:componentBody
  • apex:composition
  • apex:actionStatus
  • apex:image (Correct)

Answer : apex:image

Defines how labels are displayed. Depending on what component wraps it, <apex:chartLabel> gives you options for affecting labels for bar and line series labels, pie chart segments, and axes labels. Note: This component must be enclosed by a data series component (<apex:barSeries>, <apex:lineSeries>, or <apex:pieSeries>) or an <apex:axis> component.

Options are :

  • apex:chartLabel (Correct)
  • apex:include
  • apex:messages
  • apex:chart

Answer : apex:chartLabel

The list view picklist for an object, including its associated list of records for the currently selected view. In standard Salesforce applications this component is displayed on the main tab for a particular object. See also: <apex:enhancedList>.

Options are :

  • apex:listViews (Correct)
  • apex:inputText
  • apex:pageBlockButtons
  • apex:actionStatus

Answer : apex:listViews

Sales Force ADM-211 Administration Essentials 4 Expert Test Set 7

Which fields are returned by sosl by default?

Options are :

  • 1
  • 200
  • Ids (Correct)
  • 6

Answer : Ids

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