Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 3

Which action is available to a developer when two objects are connected by a lookup relationship? Choose 2 answers

Options are :

  • create a cross-object formula field on the child object to reference fields on the parent object
  • B,C (Correct)
  • create a custom report type that allows customization of fields displayed from both parent and child objects
  • create a roll-up summary field on the parent object to count child records
  • create a cross-object formula field on the parent object to reference fields on the child object

Answer : B,C

A Visualforce chart. Defines general characteristics of the chart, including size and data binding.

Options are :

  • apex:enhancedList
  • apex:actionSupport
  • apex:chart (Correct)
  • apex:inlineEditSupport

Answer : apex:chart

Under what circumstances is it appropriate for a developer to add functionality to their application via the SOAP API? (Select all that apply)

Options are :

  • When the organization chooses not to share its Enterprise WSDL.
  • B,D (Correct)
  • When consumers of the desired functionality have no experience with development.
  • When the desired functionality does not require any transactional control.
  • None of these
  • When the desired functionality processes only one type of record at a time.

Answer : B,D

Salesforce Pardot Question and Answers

Defines an axis for a chart. Use this to set the units, scale, labeling, and other visual options for the axis. You can define up to four axes for a single chart, one for each edge. Note: This component must be enclosed within an <apex:chart> component. This component is only applicable to bar and line charts.

Options are :

  • apex:emailPublisher
  • apex:image
  • apex:axis (Correct)
  • apex:messages

Answer : apex:axis

What types of sharing are available to developers to share records?

Options are :

  • Dates, Ids, Numbers
  • Apex, Visualforce, and APIs
  • Manual sharing, apex sharing (Correct)
  • Failure response settings

Answer : Manual sharing, apex sharing

A template component that provides content for an <apex:insert> component defined in a Visualforce template page. See also: <apex:composition>, <apex:insert>

Options are :

  • apex:define (Correct)
  • apex:axis
  • apex:facet
  • apex:includeScript

Answer : apex:define

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant Certification PracticeTest Set 4

Which feature is available for custom objects? Choose 3 answers

Options are :

  • A,B,D (Correct)
  • Assignment rules
  • Criteria-based sharing
  • Field history tracking
  • Queues

Answer : A,B,D

A message for a specific component, such as a warning or error. If an <apex:message> or <apex:messages> component is not included in a page, most warning and error messages are only shown in the debug log.

Options are :

  • apex:flash
  • apex:message (Correct)
  • apex:listViews
  • apex:detail

Answer : apex:message

What are the stages of an application development process? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Manual sharing, apex sharing
  • Declaratively, programmatically
  • Develop, integrate, stage, production/training (Correct)
  • Primitive, sObject, Collections, Null

Answer : Develop, integrate, stage, production/training

Salesforce Admin 301 Certification - Practice Paper Set 12

Object X has a lookup field to Object Y. X needs to display a text value from a Text field on Y. To ensure data Integrity, how would a developer implement this?

Options are :

  • Create a text field on Object X and use Apex to populate the value.
  • Create a roll-up summary field on Object X that retrieves the value from Y.
  • Create a cross-object formula field on Object X that retrieves the value from Y. (Correct)
  • Create a text field on Object X and use a workflow rule to fill in the value upon the creation of X

Answer : Create a cross-object formula field on Object X that retrieves the value from Y.

Which of the following statements are true about components of dynamic Apex?? Schema describe is a way to program matically learn about the metadata of your data model within Apex.? Dynamic SOQL refers to the creation of a SOQL string before runtime within an Apex script,? In dynamic SQQL, you use Sring.escapeSinqIeQuoLes (sLrng)to prevent SQQL injection.? You can use dynamic SOSL to create a tree structure of all the objects and fields in your schema browser.

Options are :

  • Web service methods must be static, webservice methods cannot be overloaded
  • Schema describe is a way to program magically learn about the metadata of your data model within Apex. (Correct)
  • Create complex functionality declarative features cannot provide.
  • In, like, and, or, not, group by, order by, all rows, limit

Answer : Schema describe is a way to program magically learn about the metadata of your data model within Apex.

Which of the following are collection data types?? String? Map? List? Date? Set? Number

Options are :

  • Primitive
  • Map, List, Set (Correct)
  • For loops

Answer : Map, List, Set

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant Certification PracticeTest Set 7

An HTML input element of type password. Use this component to get user input for a controller method that does not correspond to a field on a Salesforce object, for a value that is masked as the user types.

Options are :

  • apex:composition
  • apex:inputSecret (Correct)
  • apex:attribute
  • apex:barSeries

Answer : apex:inputSecret

A definition of an attribute on a custom component. The attribute tag can only be a child of a component tag. Note that you cannot define attributes with names like id or rendered. These attributes are automatically created for all custom component definitions.

Options are :

  • apex:message
  • apex:insert
  • apex:attribute (Correct)
  • apex:include

Answer : apex:attribute

This tag allows a custom component author to define a location where a user can insert content into the custom component. This is especially useful for generating custom iteration components. This component is valid only within an <apex:component> tag, and only a single definition per custom component is allowed.

Options are :

  • apex:chart
  • apex:componentBody (Correct)
  • apex:facet
  • apex:include

Answer : apex:componentBody

Salesforce DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer PracticeTest Set 7

What interface does the Apex email handler implement to setup and inbound email service?

Options are :

  • Encapsulation principles
  • Messaging.sendEmail
  • Messaging.InboundEmailHandler (Correct)
  • isSuccess, sendEmailError

Answer : Messaging.InboundEmailHandler

What are some RESTful service callout HTTP verbs? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • GET, POST, PUT, DELETE (Correct)
  • Setup menu
  • List of List Objects
  • System, debug


A single piece of data in an <apex:pageBlockSection> that takes up one column in one   row. An <apex:pageBlockSectionItem> component can include up to two child components. If no content is specified, the column is rendered as an empty space. If one child component is specified, the content spans both cells of the column. If two child components are specified, the content of the first is rendered in the left, "label" cell of the column, while the content of the second is rendered in the right, "data" cell of the column.Note that if you include an <apex:outputField> or an <apex:inputField> component in an <apex:pageBlockSectionItem>, these components do not display with their label or custom help text as they do when they are children of an <apex:pageBlockSectionItem>. Also note that <apex:pageBlockSectionItem> components cannot be rerendered; rerender the child components instead.

Options are :

  • apex:componentBody
  • apex:flash
  • apex:outputField
  • apex:pageBlockSectionItem (Correct)

Answer : apex:pageBlockSectionItem

Sales Force ADM-211 Administration Essentials 4 Expert Test Set 6

Can apex code be created directly in the production environment?

Options are :

  • 1
  • 10
  • No (Correct)
  • Ids

Answer : No

What is the maximum size of a SOAP request or response? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Ids
  • 10
  • 3 MB (Correct)
  • Java

Answer : 3 MB

What components of apex are available to improve the processing of data in Sales force?

Options are :

  • Database class method (Correct)
  • Batch apex, apex scheduler.
  • Internal and external

Answer : Database class method

Sales Force ADM-201 Administration Essentials for New Admin Set 7

A link that executes an action defined by a controller, and then either refreshes the current page, or navigates to a different page based on the Page Reference variable that is returned by the action. An <apex:commandLink> component must always be a child of an <apex:form> component. To add request parameters to an <apex:commandLink>, use nested <apex:param> components.

Options are :

  • apex:enhancedList
  • apex:dataList
  • apex:include
  • apex:commandLink (Correct)

Answer : apex:commandLink

How does the Email service process inbound emails? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • catch
  • Apex classes (Correct)
  • Exceptions

Answer : Apex classes

Developers can use Visualforce to create a Visualforce page definition. A page definition consists of two primary elements:? Visualforce markup? A Visualforce controllerVisualforce markup consists of... (Select all that apply)

Options are :

  • Apex code
  • C# Remoting Modules
  • A,B,D,E (Correct)
  • JavaScript
  • Any Web-enabled code
  • None of the above
  • Visualforce Tags
  • HTML

Answer : A,B,D,E

Sales Force DEV-501 Certified Force Advanced Developer Test Set 4

What are two ways to invoke a custom web service?

Options are :

  • A governor limit
  • List of List Objects
  • Ajax toolkit, client program (Correct)
  • Apex process classes

Answer : Ajax toolkit, client program

What is the total number of messages that all email services put together can process in a day? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Number of user licenses multiplied by 1000 (Correct)
  • Through class itself
  • Failure response settings
  • List of List Objects

Answer : Number of user licenses multiplied by 1000

What are the two types of logs? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • 3 MB
  • On-demand
  • System, debug (Correct)
  • TRUE

Answer : System, debug

Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 7

Which access modifier should u specify for a class containing the webService keword?? Public? Private? Protected? Global

Options are :

  • 6
  • Global (Correct)
  • 3 MB

Answer : Global

What keyword is used to create custom Web Services from an apex method?

Options are :

  • Webservice
  • TRUE
  • (Correct)

Answer :

Which portion of the Model-View-Controller paradigm is represented in as a standard or custom object?

Options are :

  • View
  • Controller
  • Model (Correct)

Answer : Model

Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 6

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