Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 1

What trigger method is used to correlate IDI-to-sObject maps? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Queues, time triggers
  • Internal and external
  • Trigger.newMap, Trigger.oldMap

Answer : Trigger.newMap, Trigger.oldMap

Salesforce Administration - Certification (201) Questions Set 1

The method used to create an object out of a class definition is called a:

Options are :

  • TRUE
  • Webservice
  • For loops
  • constructor

Answer : constructor

A single Visualforce page. All pages must be wrapped inside a single page component tag.

Options are :

  • apex:insert
  • apex:axis
  • apex:outputLabel
  • apex:page

Answer : apex:page

__________ enables you to create Visualforce pages that can display or act on a set of  records.

Options are :

  • A Standard Controller
  • A Custom List Doctype
  • None of the above
  • A Standard List Controller
  • An Apex class
  • An Apex Recordset

Answer : A Standard Controller

Salesforce DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer PracticeTest Set 4

What is the maximum size of a SOAP request or response regulated by? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Trigger.old
  • a governor limit
  • @ReadOnly

Answer : a governor limit

A developer would like to modify the contents of the hover details for a custom object called Position. What would a developer customize to accomplish this?

Options are :

  • Position field dependencies
  • Imposition page layouts
  • Position search layouts
  • Position record types

Answer : Imposition page layouts

This integration resource is specific to an individual organization, and exposes all of the standard objects, custom objects, and any custom fields through the SOAP interface.

Options are :

  • Partner WSDL
  • Enterprise WSDL
  • Custom WSDL
  • System WSDL
  • None of the above
  • Portal WSDL

Answer : Enterprise WSDL

Salesforce Admin 301 Certification - Practice Paper Set 9

Universal Containers tracks Positions as a custom object in a recruiting application. All  positions with a priority of critical should NOT be open for more than two weeks. If a  position remains open for more than 14 days, the priority should be re-examined. How would a developer automate this process?

Options are :

  • Create a workflow action to clone the position, assigned to the owner of the position record, that is due 14 days after record creation
  • Create a validation rule that compares today's date and the record's creation date to determine if the difference is greater than 14 days
  • Recreate a time-dependent workflow action that sends an email to the recruiter if the position is still open 14 days after record creation
  • Create a time-dependent workflow action that updates the position status to Closed 14 days after record creation

Answer : Recreate a time-dependent workflow action that sends an email to the recruiter if the position is still open 14 days after record creation

Why might a reporting snapshot fail during a scheduled run? Choose 3 answers

Options are :

  • The target object is a custom object.
  • B,C,D
  • The source report has been resaved as a matrix report.
  • The target object contains an Apex trigger.
  • The running user has been made inactive.
  • The source report was not created by an Administrator.

Answer : B,C,D

Which of the following statements identifies the block of code that can handle a particular exception?  ? catch ? finally ? try ? throw

Options are :

  • 3 MB
  • Ids
  • catch

Answer : catch

Salesforce Pardot Question and Answers

A set of buttons that are styled like standard Salesforce buttons. This component must be a child component of an <apex:pageBlock>. Note that it is not necessary for the buttons themselves to be direct children of the <apex:pageBlockButtons> componentbuttons that are located at any level within an  <apex:pageBlockButtons> component are styled  appropriately.

Options are :

  • apex:includeScript
  • apex:pageBlockButtons
  • apex:commandButton
  • apex:form

Answer : apex:pageBlockButtons

Each setSavepoint() and rollback statement counts against the total number of DML statements.

Options are :

  • 200
  • 6
  • TRUE
  • Ids

Answer : TRUE

Universal Containers requires that all job applications have a unique code that is auto- populated when records are created. The code must be different from the record ID. What would a developer use to accomplish this declaratively?

Options are :

  • Custom auto number field
  • Custom read-only number field
  • Custom lookup relationship field
  • Custom master-detail field

Answer : Custom auto number field

Salesforce DEV-501 Apex Visualforce Controller Practice Exam Set 3

Universal Containers has built a recruiting application with two custom objects, Job Applications and Reviews that have a master-detail relationship. Users should NOT be allowed to delete review records after job application records have been approved. How would a developer meet this requirement?

Options are :

  • Use a validation rule in conjunction with a roll-up summary field
  • Remove the Delete button from the job application page layout
  • Use workflow to change the page layout to Read-only
  • Change the interviewer's profile to Read-only for the review object

Answer : Use a validation rule in conjunction with a roll-up summary field

An HTML input element of type text. Use this component to get user input for a controller method that does not correspond to a field on a Salesforce  object. This component does not use Salesforce styling. Also, since it does not correspond to a field, or any other data on an object, custom code is required to use the value the user inputs.

Options are :

  • apex:messages
  • apex:inputText
  • apex:dynamicComponent
  • apex:inputField

Answer : apex:inputText

A Visualforce page consists of which primary elements? (Select all that apply)

Options are :

  • None of the above
  • A Visualforce controller
  • Visualforce Markup
  • An Apex class
  • A trigger.
  • S-Controls

Answer : Visualforce Markup

Salesforce DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer PracticeTest Set 4

An HTML input element of type hidden, that is, an input element that is invisible to the user. Use this component to pass variables from page to page.

Options are :

  • apex:inputHidden
  • apex:actionPoller
  • apex:enhancedList
  • apex:pageBlockSectionItem

Answer : apex:inputHidden

Defines tooltips which appear on mouseover of data series elements. This component
offers more configuration options than the default tooltips displayed by setting the tips
attribute of a data series component to true.
Note: This component must be enclosed by a data series component (<apex:barSeries>,
<apex:lineSeries>, or <apex:pieSeries>).

Options are :

  • apex:componentBody
  • apex:actionFunction
  • apex:chartTips
  • apex:actionSupport

Answer : apex:chartTips

Which of the following statements are used to repeatedly execute a block of code until the exit condition is met? ? do-while loops ? if statements ? for loops ? if—Lhen statements

Options are :

  • SOQL for loops
  • Exceptions
  • For loops

Answer : For loops

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Practice Tests Set 2

What two ways are available to customize and create applications in salesforce? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • static and final
  • plural name plus__r
  • Encapsulation principles
  • declaratively, programmatically

Answer : declaratively, programmatically

A section of data within an <apex:pageBlock>  component, similar to a section in a standard  Salesforce page layout definition. An <apex:pageBlockSection> component consists of one or more columns, each of which spans two cells: one for a field's label, and one for its value. Each component found in the body of an <apex:pageBlockSection> is placed into the next cell in a row until the number of columns is reached. At that point, the next component wraps to the next row and is placed in the first cell. To add a field from a Salesforce object to an <apex:pageBlockSection>, use an <apex:inputField> or <apex:outputField>  component. Each of these components automatically displays with the field's associated label. To add fields for variables or methods that are not based on Salesforce object fields, or to customize the format of Salesforce object field labels, use an <apex:pageBlockSectionItem> component. Each <apex:inputField>, <apex:outputField>, or <apex:pageBlockSectionItem> component spans both cells of a single column.

Options are :

  • apex:pageblockSection
  • apex:actionPoller
  • apex:facet
  • apex:outputLabel

Answer : apex:pageblockSection

The markup defines the user interface components that should be included on the page, and the way they should appear.

Options are :

  • False
  • True

Answer : True

Sales Force DEV-401 Building Applications with Force Test Set 8

In the Universal Containers recruiting app, there is a master-detail relationship between the  Job Application and Review objects. Job Application is the master object. If a Job Application record is deleted, what will happen to any associated Review records?

Options are :

  • The owner of the Review record changes
  • An error message is displayed
  • No change to the Review record
  • The Review record is also deleted

Answer : The Review record is also deleted

What is a Junction object?

Options are :

  • A standard object with two master-detail relationships
  • A custom object with two master-detail relationships
  • A standard object with a master-detail relationship
  • A custom object with a master-detail relationship

Answer : A custom object with two master-detail relationships

A Flash movie, rendered with the HTML object and embed tags.

Options are :

  • apex:inputField
  • apex:actionStatus
  • apex:pageBlockSectionItem
  • apex:flash

Answer : apex:flash

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant Certification PracticeTest Set 2

A timer that sends an AJAX update request to the server according to a time interval that  you specify. The update request can then result in a full or partial page update. You should avoid using this component with enhanced lists.

Options are :

  • apex:inlineEditSupport
  • apex:actionPoller
  • apex:image
  • apex:dataList

Answer : apex:actionPoller

What two methods of customization are available to create applications in salesforce?

Options are :

  • Dates, Ids, Numbers
  • A governor limit
  • Database class method
  • Declarative, programmatic

Answer : Declarative, programmatic

The list view picklist for an object, including its associated list of records for the currently selected view. In standard Salesforce applications this component is displayed on the main tab for a particular object. This component has additional attributes that can be specified, such as the height and rows per page, as compared to <apex:listView>. Note: When an <apex:enhancedList> is rerendered through another component's rerender attribute, the <apex:enhancedList> must be inside of an <apex:outputPanel> component that has its layout attribute set to "block". The <apex:enhancedList> component is not allowed on pages that have the attribute showHeader set to false. You can only have five <apex:enhancedList> components on a single page. Ext JS versions less than 3 should not be included on pages that use this component.

Options are :

  • apex:actionFunction
  • apex:attribute
  • apex:inputCheckbox
  • apex:enhancedList

Answer : apex:enhancedList

Salesforce Admin 301 Certification - Practice Paper Set 13

What language is Apex similar to? (No Answer)

Options are :

  • Java
  • 1
  • Catch
  • TRUE

Answer : Java

All messages that were generated for all components on the current page. If an <apex:message> or <apex:messages> component is not included in a page, most warning and error messages are only shown in the debug log.

Options are :

  • apex:messages
  • apex:actionRegion
  • apex:actionPoller
  • apex:composition

Answer : apex:messages

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