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Package Manager in Rust

Package Manager is something that manages the libraries and projects of Rust. Packages are nothing but the libraries, modules, and headers which are required to run a Rust Program. In Rust the name of the Package Manager is Rust.

The different types of Cargo Commands are:

  • cargo build : This command builds the current project.
  • cargo check : This command analyzes the current project and reports errors. This command will not create any object file in the program folder.
  • cargo run : The command will build and execute the program

cargo clean : This command will remove the current directory.

  • cargo update : The command will update the dependencies which are located inside the Cargo.lock file.
  • cargo new : The command creates a new project.

Using Cargo we can also download the third-party libraries from the internet. Cargo can also be used to create our own library we have seen in our article-modules in rust.

Below are the ways to create different types of projects in Rust :

  • Creating a new binary project:
cargo new project_name --bin
  • Creating a new library project:
cargo new project_name --lib
  • Checking the version of the current Cargo.
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