Robot Framework Installation

The robot framework is implemented with python, Jython and Iron Python, PyPy and before installing the framework, we have to install at least, one interpreter.

Different ways of installing framework are listed below:

  • Installing with pip
  • Installing from Source
  • Standalone JAR Distribution
  • Manual Installation

Installing and Configuring Python into the System

To check whether the python is installed in your system or not by typing python in your command prompt.

If the python is not installed in your system then the windows will not recognize the python and reply as python is not recognized as an internal and external program or batch file.


And hence install the python in your system and then configure it with the system.

Configuring Python into the Windows

Open This PC/MY Computer and right-click on it and then select the properties under that.


Next, Under the Control Panel select the Advanced system settings and under the system properties, Select the Environmental Variables


Select the system variables under the environmental variables and then click on the path and select edit (Environmental variables-->system variables-->path-->edit)


And Next, click on new under the edit environmental variable and add the python27 path to it as shown: C:\Python27 and then click on ok button.


Now, go to command prompt and enter as python, the windows will reply with the pythons current version in your system.


Python Package Installer(PIP)

We can use the Python Package installer to install the packages from the python package index and other indexes.

Using the pip is the recommended way to install the robot framework, as the standard python package installer, it is included in the latest python, Jython and Iron Python versions.

pip is already installed if you are using python 2>=2.7.9 or python 3>=3.4, and directly executed by using the following code

pip install robotframework

Open the Command prompt and type as pip, if it is not configured in the system then windows will reply as pip is not recognized as an internal or external program.


Follow the python configuration steps to configure the pip and under the edit environmental variables paste the pip path as shown: C:\Python27\Scripts

and then click ok.


Now, go to command prompt and type pip, the windows will now reply with a lot of useful commands and hence according to the system variables, the pip is configured correctly on the system.


By typing pip --version, the windows gives complete details on the pip version


Upgrade the pip version by using the command pip install --upgrade pip


So the system will uninstall the old version of the pip and install the latest version of the pip.


Installation of Robot Framework

The robot framework is an open-source framework and hence the developers of the robot framework have pushed the source code into the Github.

you can download the robot framework by using the official link of the GitHub

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