Python Special Characters

The characters which have some unique functionality, such type of characters are called as special characters.


  • /n - Newline
  • /t- Horizontal tab
  • /r- Carriage return
  • /b- Backspace
  • /f- Form feed
  • /'- Single Quote
  • /"- double quote
  • -Backslash
print("chercher	tech")
print("This is" symbol")
print('This is ' symbol")
print("This is  symbol")


Python Immutability

Python Comments

Python comments are those who start with the hash(#) character and extended to the end of the physical line, where python virtual machine does not execute the line with the hash character, A comment may appear at the start of the line or following by the whitespace but never come in between the string.

For multiline comments, you can use the hash character at the beginning of every line.

# print(" software solutions")
print("This is an example of comment in python")


So if you observe, in the above image, the line with hash character has not printed in the output as it is ignored by python virtual machine.

Python Mutability

Python Constants

In Python, the constants are usually declared and assigned on a module, and a module means the new file containing a variable and functions which is imported to the main file.

Constants are written in uppercase and separated by the underscore, and this constant concept is not really implemented in the python.



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